Vinod Sagar is a Tamil actor mostly seen in supporting roles in Tamil movies. Having been born in a Malayali family fond of watching films, Sagar developed an admiration towards cinema. His love and passion for mimicry attracted him towards this industry.

His struggles to mark his position in the film industry made him go through a roller coaster of struggles as he faced constant rejections until he was cast to give voice in one of the movies after which he started working as a dubbing artist in several movies.

Notably, the voice behind the humorous characters in KGF and Avam Srimannarayana was given by Sagar. He was getting quite popular but being behind the screens, he did not receive the kind of appreciation he and his efforts deserved.

Although, he started getting famous and getting roles as supporting actor, it was not until the release of the movie ‘ Ratsasan Click to look into! >> Read More... Ratsasan ’, that he became famous for his role as Inbaraj. Ratsasan was a turning point in Sagar’s life and his friendship with director Ram Sagar came as a favor to his career.

However, the kind of portrayal that Sagar presented on screen left the audience in awe and overtime he became one of the best villains in the Tamil industry. Despite his character being one of the favorites in the negative role, Sagar still had a long way to go.

The constant criticism and despise with which the audience viewed his character came as a compliment to Sagar as he achieved exactly what he was supposed to, which got him even more recognition than the lead villain himself.

Though Ratsasan was a huge addition to Sagar’s career, it created his negative image in the industry and he was only getting negative roles after that.

Having denied a lot of films owing to the unappealing roles, Sagar believes that at some point Ratsasan also posed a challenge to his career followed by a lot of unreleased movies which proved to be a major setback to his career.

Some of his famous works include Rakshasudhu, Andhra Mess,Sketch, Bodha, Kuruthi Attam. His most recent film was Airaa in 2019Nevertheless, Sagar’s passion is what makes him an unbeatable and influencing actor in Tamil industry.