Madras Johnny

Other names of Madras Johnny: Hari, Harikrishnan, Hari krishnan

Actor Hari Krishnan Hari Krishnan, popularly called as Hari is an Indi >> Read More... Hari Krishnan (Madras Johnny) is from North Madras. Hari’s father, Anbudurai is a welder while his mother, Vijay Shankari is a housewife. Johnny studied at DG Vaishnava College. He used to participate in various inter-college cultural events during his college days. After the release of Madras movie, Hari married his longtime girlfriend. He is popularly known as Madras Johnny after playing the remarkable role, Johnny in the Movie Madras. As a dancer and street theatre artist, Hari stepped into cinema in the movie Attakathi. He is famous for his first role as a friend of Actor Dinesh, who acted as a hero in the film Attakathi. He used to advise Dinesh during his love failures in the movie. Maryan is the second movie in Hari Krishnan's movie career, which was directed by Bharat Bala Bharath Bala is a film director, actor, screenwrit >> Read More... Bharat Bala . The character played by him in Maryan was very short and unnoticeable.

For his role in Maryan, the actor had transformed himself by gaining weight as per the script the actor in that particular role had to be bulk. The actor became more popular after playing the role Johnny in his third film Madras, as the dialogue delivery and mentally disabled character role gained more attention from the audience side. Johnny was a famous gangster who became mentally disabled. His character had both humorous and aggressive shades. For this part, Hari trained himself for more than 18 months and worked hard to get a natural look like a mentally disabled person. The actor does enough groundwork before doing any roles in movies to keep the character alive. In such case for his film Madras, the actor went to kilpauk mental hospital and visited mentally disabled people to get an idea of the mentally disabled person’s activities and behavior that led to the originality continuing even behind the shooting spot where the crew misinterpreted and accused him.

After this blockbuster movie, Actor Hari Krishnan became very popular, and many television channels interviewed him. After the Success of Madras movie, the artist performed an important role in the film Kabali directed by Pa Ranjith. In this movie, the actor Hari (Madras Johnny) played a role called tiger, who is a very aggressive, hyperactive and reckless character person. The character was evolved in the story to kill the hero of the film Super Star Rajinikanth. According to Hari Krishnan, he has some sentimental attachment towards the director Pa Ranjith. Pa Ranjith used to mould his character and created the impact on the audience in the movie Madras. Actor Hari Krishnan is an actor who works very hard to prove himself by giving his best in the present and future endeavors.