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Suganya Rayar


Actress Kanimozhi

K Vishalini

Nanda Kumar

Sinivasan Pandiyan

Dhanpal Ganesh


The Term ‘Sports’ Includes A Great List Of Physical Activities

The Term ‘Sports’ Includes A Great List Of Physical Activities That Are Played Either For Entertainment Or To Refine Certain Desired Skills And Physical Abilities. Sports Can Be Divided Into Various Groups On The Basis Of The Type Of Sport, Number Of Participants, Etc.

Sports Athletes May Compete Either In The Form Of Teams Or As Individuals By Performing Either Individually Or Simultaneously At The Same Time Like In A Race. Sports Activities Are Generally Governed By A Set Of Rules In Order To Maintain The Fairness Of The Competition. In Sports Winning Is Determined By Maintaining Scores Or Keeping Track Of Who Crossed The Line First Like In A Race. There Are Various National And International Athletic Competitions That Are Organized Either Yearly Or Periodically Over A Span Of A Few Years. Sports Players May Be Amateurs Or Professionals.

The Credibility Of A Sports Athlete Depends Upon The Performance Of An Athlete In Past Competitions. Many Tamil Sports Athletes Have Represented Have Won Numerous Sports Awards And Medals And They Have Successfully Represented India In International Competitions.