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Kabbadi Player Rahul Chaudhari

Other names of Kabbadi Player Rahul Chaudhari: Showman, Raid Machine, Posters Boy
Tamil Sports Kabbadi Player Rahul Chaudhari
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Kabbadi Player Rahul Chaudhari, born June 16, 1993, is a professional Kabaddi player and is a member of the Indian National Kabaddi team. He started as a Defender but recently became a Raider. Rahul played six seasons with Telugu Titans: however, he currently plays for Tamil Thalaivas. He is fondly known as the ‘Showman’ due to his flair and flamboyant raiding style.

Through the seasons, he has been the league’s trend-setter in raiding milestones. Rahul was born in the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, where he took his inspiration from his older brother, who used to play kabaddi in his village team, and that is how Rahul was introduced to the sport in 2007. His family did not support him initially, so he eventually took part in the trial held in his village from the Sports Authority of India and was then sent to Gujrat for training.

It was at this training camp that he began developing the skills that made him the player he is today. Rahul stuck with the Telugu Titans since his debut and is considered one among the most fleet-footed raiders in the game and also is one of the few players who can turn the whole game around to his favor. He scored 151 raid points in season 1, 98 raid points, and nine tackle points in season 2 and 87 raid points with 12 tackle points in season 3.

He has announced the best raider of season 4 after ending the league with 146 raid points and 11 tackle points. Unfortunately, the Telugu Titans lost the semi-finals, where Rahul scored 14 raid points. He became captain of the team for season 5 as he ended it with 184 raid points and nine tackle points. In season 6, Rahul finished it with 159 raid points and seven tackle points.

The Tamil Thalaivas bought Rahul for Rs 94,00,000 for season 7 at the auction. He is well known for his ‘Running Hand Touch’ defined as a move carried out with surprise and is accompanied by a sudden increase in speed, a raider rushes towards a defender and extends his body for a touch before escaping to safety.

Another Version of the Bio...

Rahul Chaudhary is a professional kabaddi player from India. His nickname is showman, raid machine. He was born at Jabalpur Choiya, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. He belongs to the team Indian national kabaddi team. In 2016, Indian National Kabaddi Team won a gold medal in South Asian Games. He initially played his six seasons with a team Telugu Titans. He now played for Tamil Thalaivas.

He got fame in his first season by scored 151 raid points. After first season he scored a score of 98 points in a raid and has scored nine tackle points in season second. In his third season, he scored 87 raid point and 12 tackle points. In season four, he scored his highest score, he scored 146 raid points and 11 tackle points.in season 5, he becomes the captain of Telugu Titans and campaign end with 193 raid points and 9 tackle points.

He bought by Telugu Titans for Rs 12900000 in auction for season 6 and scored 159 raid points and 7 tackle points. For season 7, Tamil Thalaivas bought Rahul Chaudhary for Rs 94,00,000 in auction for playing in his team.in 2006; He starts his carrier in kabaddi sport at the age of 13.


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