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Teejay Arunasalam

Other names of Teejay Arunasalam: Teejay
Teejay Arunasalam Tamil Actor
Other Skills

Tejeenthan Arunachalam, commonly recognized as TeeJay. He belongs to a British origin. He was born on 6 January 1994 in London, England. He born to a traditional Indian Tamil family and he was brought up in London, England. He started his career in music as a Tamil RnB singer. In 2013 he uploaded his first single on YouTube which has crossed over 10 million views so far.

His genre is more into catchy melody and lyrics. He signed to a famous label Rebelstar Records and released his first single titled “Muttu Muttu” which was declared a hit among all ages which makes him an overnight star. TeeJay released his next song titled as “Aasai which has reached around one million views on YouTube. Then he debuts an album titled “Vaanavil The Quest” in the year 2014, the album was a hit in the industry.

Currently, TeeJay is working on his acting debut in the Tamil film Amsana as a lead actor. He has also participated and performed by Rebelstone Records, and at the Malaysian musical concert. Apart from music, TeeJay is very much fond of football and athletic games. His social media accounts have around 60k likes on Facebook, 6K Twitter followers, 30K subscribers, and 10M views on his Rebelstar Records YouTube channel.