Priya Foxie Tamil Actress

Ms. R. Priyadharshini popularly known by her stage name Priya Foxie is a young Indian singer from Pondicherry. Priya was born on the 22nd of January 2000. Priya Foxie did her schooling in Pondicherry and is now a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. Priya is a huge music lover who loves it as much as she loves the air she breathes. Priya believes Music is the connection to the universe, and she wants to get connected with it through music and also wants to make people happy and entertained through her music. Priya started learning music at the tender age of seven. From the second to the fifth standard she took classes at Jayalakshmi Music Institute.

When she reached the seventh standard, Priya started taking lessons from Vineshwari, who was the school music teacher, due to some circumstances in the eighth standard Priya changed teacher and began taking lessons from Vijaya, another music teacher at the same school. In the tenth standard, her parents edged her to stop music lessons and concentrate more on her studies. Priya foxie's first and breakthrough cover was the Mazhai Khuravi song, a beautiful compilation by AR Rahman which released in 2018. So far Priya has only done covers in English and Tamil but is probably going to work with/in other languages for says ‘music has no language.’ Priya is currently working on Originals(self-composed songs) and is planning to collaborate with Sinhala language singer. Priya Foxie has a collaboration with Joshua Aaron and some album songs. She has also made some songs yet to be released.