P Susheela  Tamil Actress
Other Skills

P. Susheela is a well-known playback singer in South Indian film industry, who has received five National awards for the talent she posses. P. Sheela was born on 13th November 1935. She has been associated with the film industry for over six decades now. She is a legendary artist who has the purest form of vocal strength, with great syllabic pronunciations. She is mainly noted for her honey like sweet voice; that can speak fluently and deliver the word or the lyrics sung so distinctly and clearly. Sheela, from her childhood, discovered itself the talent she has and the passion she feels for it. Thus, she went for classical music training and perfected her skill. She was seen to sing for AIR (All India Radio). And it was from here that she got the opportunity to sing as playback for films. She can sing fluently for Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films.

She did her debut in Tamil, for the film “Petra Thai”, which was released on 1952. She also sang for the Telugu remake of the movie “Kanna Talli”. Both songs that she sung for the films were highly noted and accepted by the general public. The recognition and acceptance and love are given by her listeners helped her give confidence and grow even more. She has sung countless songs in various languages. The thousands of songs she sang all possess the unique life that only P. Sheela can give. The number of awards that she has received would equal to or add up to be more than the number of songs that she has sung. Out them, she has won several national awards and State awards. Many organizations have also endowed upon her the Life Time Achievement award. She was also elected by the Government of India to be the recipient of the Bharat Ratna award, which is the highest ranking award.