Top 10 Singer Duos In Malayalam Songs

Top 10 Singer Duos In Malayalam Songs Malayalam Article

1. Yesudas and Chithra

In Malayalam movie industry the best duo in singing is undoubtedly Yesudas and Chithra. . There are countless songs by both of them and even countless hits. "Ganagandharvan” along with Kerala’s “ Vanambadi Vanambadi, which is a Malayalam word for the bird >> Read More... Vanambadi ” created wonders in melody throughout Malayalam film industry. To select a good song from both of their combined vocals is impossible.


2. Yesudas and Janaki

Just like Yesudas and Chithra, Yesudas and Janaki combined creating multiple number of hit melodies over the years. Before Chithra’s introduction to the film industry, Janaki was the permanent partner of Yesudas and almost all the old Malayalam film songs were sung by these musical legends.


3. Sreekumar and Chithra


M G Sreekumar along with Chithra was another alternative in Malayalam movies if you didn’t get a date from Yesudas. But they weren’t simply an alternative choice since Sreekumar himself was a great singer and along with Chithra they had a handful list of remarkable hit songs in their career. .

4. Yesudas and Sujatha


Another wonderful twain in Malayalam film industry was Yesudas with Sujatha’s prominence in Mollywood. The clash between the partners of Yesudas was at peak in the industry.But, Sujatha successfully defended it with a big number of melodically hit songs and all of them were evergreen ,mesmerizing songs that was long lasting. .

5. Sreekumar and Sujatha


Sujatha was a great pair with Sreekumar on vocals and have a greater number of hits. They have many awards as a duo in singing. Many films during the time were filled with wonderful songs sung by this spellbound duo.


6. Yesudas and Susheela:


P Susheela is a legend in Malayalam film songs. Most of the old Malayalam film songs were filled by their magical voice. At the old times, she was competing with S Janaki to get a spotlight as a female playback singer along with Dasettan and had massive hit songs in their combo..

7. Yesudas and Vani Jayaram

Most of the new generation of film song lovers may not know Vani Jayaram. But during her time, female playback singer role was either ruled by Janaki or Susheela. She came out of their shadows when she joined Yesudas and created wonders. Both of them sung for many film songs not only Malayalam but also in other Southern dialects.

8. Jayachandran and Sujatha

Even though Yesudas’s dominance in Malayalam movie industry as a male playback singer is unavoidable there are many another hit Jodi's. One such is Jayachandran and Sujatha. Both of them were great singers and had a countless amount of songs together during the middle age of Malayalam movie.

9. Yesudas and Leela

P Leela was like a permanent duo alongside Yesudas during his early career in singing. They both were a wonderful duo and had a number of songs on their list. This was the golden age of Malayalam film industry.

10. SP Balasubrahmaniam and Janaki

SPB along with Janaki had beautiful list of songs in their pair. e. But most of them were in Tamil and other Southern dialects other than Malayalam. Together they worked only for few Malayalam films compared to other language duos in the list.