Ramana also hooks up with the radio station Radio Mirchi which takes up the frequency 98.3 MHz.. His voice and style of anchoring has conquered and fascinated many hearts as he makes his way through the portal of success in every show that he anchors or hosts. His first show that hit the success list is Konjam Coffee Konjam melody that is broadcasted at 11 am.. His funny way of chattering and interacting with people is totally unique and he masters his own style. He was born in Visakhapatnam popularly known as Vizag, Tamil Nadu.

He currently works in 98.3 Radio Station which is situated in Madurai. His all-time favourite song is Thalli Pogathe from Acchamillai Yenbadhu Madamaiyada that was brought up by famous actor Simbu. He believes in a simple fashion, truthful and austere life could be the best and also that would be his piece of advice to many guys out there who are striving their way through the success stream of being a radio jockey. His interest in eating might make him host a cookery show or to travel places just to taste their traditions soon enough.

His inspiration to be funny would be Goundamani, a comedian who had played a vital role in comedy in Tamil cinemas. He believes in hating nothing and none which might come in handy someday. His show named Mic testing is cast only on Sunday between 2 to 4 pm that talks about the praises of heroes that are unknown to the world and whose deeds are great enough to be lived for few more years. His dream of meeting S.P. Balasubhramanyam had come true only because of Mirchi and he greatly owes it to them.

Being the host of Konjam Coffee Konjam melody, he admits that he has an awesome and fun experience of having coffee while he plays melody songs from different movies that help people soothe their tension from their routine work which is cast between 7 to 11 am every day on 98.3. He also talks about the news that is up-to-date from all over the country. It can be useful as well as entertaining for those who are stressed out because of their work. He believes that his happiness lies in making others happy and relaxation is the only medicine for a happy life.