Anand Ponniraivan, who was born in the year 1982 is from Manapparai, which is close to Trichy. He went on to do his MBBS from Madras Medical College which is located in Madras. From the beginning of his school days he was always interested in cinema yet he was unaware of how to get involved in the field. After his graduation in medicine he moved to UK for a couple of years. When he came back to India he even considered joining director Bala as his A.D. In this manner Anand always tried to come into the film industry. Having lived most of his bachelor days in Australia, he was in contact with the Tamil film industry through his involvement in the Tamil community which was in Australia. But it wasn’t till 2013 that he made use of the contacts this community had.

It was in this manner he was introduced to Gaugin, the editor of the movie Kallappadam who was working on Mysskin at that point. As connections formed he was later introduced to J. Vadivel. The initial plan for his involvement was to find a producer such as Feather Touch Entertainment yet this collaboration did not work out. Through this failed attempt Anand Ponniraivan decided to produce Vadivel’s film himself. While he did not have sufficient funds at that time, he yet went on to getting involved in the movie as much as possible, including the casting. Through his continuous commute between Australia and India he roped in many of his friends such as Dr Karthik Senthil Raja as a co-producer and together they set up Iraivan Films.

Anand Ponniraivan produced Kallappadam by trusting his instincts. He was of the opinion that Vadivel is a producer’s director and was always a delight to work with him and his team. Vadivel was respectful of Anand’s creative ideas and to this date, continues to be transparent even when it comes to making minor or major changes in the film. Through the troubles Anand faced through producing his first film Kallappadam, he learnt to properly take care of everything as far as possible and be a good orator and influencing factor amongst his team. Also he has learnt to be more cautious towards business prospects that come his way. He has also understood the value of having resourceful contacts and making use of these useful connections when it comes to their involvement in the future films he plans on producing.

Raj Zacharias Tamil Actor

Raj Zacharias

Raj Zacharias is an Indian Producer and Actor. He works in the Malayalam Cinema as well as the Tamil Cinema. Viewers of the Malayalam Film Industry know him as a Producer for films like Paisa Paise and ‘Prithviraj’. However, viewers of the Tamil Film Industry know him as an actor for flicks like Kaduval Paathi Mirugam Paathi. It was a bilingual film and was titled as ‘Rahadhari’ in Telugu. Raj has revealed in interviews that he is not very passionate about acting. However, he is very curious about the process and hence, decided on trying acting. A lot of people and journalists have been seeking reason as to why Raj hasn’t tried acting, and Kaduval Paathi Mirugam Paathi was his answer to all those people. Raj loved acting as an experience and is glad that he was able to garner stories to tell but he is extremely fond of producing. He likes being the person on set who holds the purse strings, and he has stated that he will be a producer until he is 70 years old at least. Raj has also tried his hand as an actor in the Telugu Film Industry. His first Telugu film is called ‘Rakthapadam’, which is a period film on gangsters. Raj has a personal inclination towards playing characters like villains and doing numerous action sequences. He has confessed that he is not a fan of the roles of a lover boy running behind trees and singing songs. Raj has a long list of friends in the business. Raj has also walked the ramp for designer Sanjana John. The only reason he agreed to model was because of their friendship. Raj has also produced a Malayalam film, and hence, it can be concluded that Raj Zacharias has worked in all linguistic cinemas of the South Indian Industry. He also produced a multi-lingual movie called ‘Team 5’ which cast controversially banned cricketer ‘Sreesanth’ in the lead role. The film didn’t do well, and Raj’s choices for actors were demeaned as a publicity stunt. Raj is not very keen on acting but if good opportunities come his way he would be glad to resume acting. He has also revealed that he doesn’t act for money but for the curiosity and the layers of the character. Hence, he will only take up roles that interest him. He has already acted in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam flicks. His movies are multilinguistic and are released in more than one language because Raj has earlier strategized that this increases the outreach and widens the spectrum of the audience received by the film.