Traffic Ramaswamy Tamil Actor

Traffic Ramaswamy alias KR Ramaswamy is a social activist, who was born on 1st April 1934. Ramaswamy was called as Sampath by his parents and his close relatives. Started his career as a mill worker, the social activist resigned his job, after getting involved deeply in the social activities. He had also worked as the personal assistant to Venkataswamy Naidu, the Cabinet Minister in the year 1952 to 1954.

Traffic Ramaswamy is the founder member of Tamilnadu’s Home Guard. Ramaswamy is popular for raising his voice against Granite scam and the political parties’ advertising banners and boards. Traffic Ramaswamy has brought a lot of Public Interest Lawsuits in Chennai to regulate the traffic. He came to the limelight when he started regulating the traffic in Chennai Parrys’ Corner, unofficially.

In 2002, Ramaswamy was against the fish sellers for using the motorized fish carts, which were banned and he is the one, who made the court ban those carts. As he stopped the motor carts, he was attacked and he lost his sight. In this issue, his family is said to have disowned him. But, Ramaswamy didn’t stop his social services, even after injured.

In 2007, he was attacked inside the court by the lawyers, who were appearing against him. Later, his office was vandalized and the important papers were stolen. Later, his friends helped him to set his office right. In 2013, he filed a case against Public Interest Lawsuit against Late Tamilnadu CM “ Jayalalithaa Jayalalithaa Jayaram, more popularly known as Pura >> Read More... Jayalalithaa ” to remove the name Amma from the government schemes, as all the schemes by Jayalalithaa holds the name that indicates her.

He is against the banners and hoardings that cause hurdle to the public and protesting against it in his 80s. Although Traffic Ramaswamy was against Jayalalithaa, he is the one, who filed a case to seek the reason behind Jayalalitha’s mysterious death in 2016.

Ramaswamy has been actively replying to the complaints he receive through the Whatsapp and has been forwarding the genuine ones to the respective departments. A biopic on Traffic Ramaswamy is made with SA Chandrasekhar as the lead role and the film is directed by Vicky.