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Sankar Ganesh Tamil Actor

Sankar Ganesh

Shankar Ganesh is a music director, composer, and singer. He mainly works with the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada film industries. He was born in Chennai, India. He has the Indian nationality. He did the instrument with a keyboard. Shankar's son name is Balasubramaniam. Shankar and Ganesh are two brothers. Ganesh had died in an accident. After that, he has known as Shankar Ganesh. They both had started his careers as assistants to Tamil music composers M.S Vishwanathan and T.K. Ramamurthy in the year 1964. After some time the duo had assisted M.S. Viswanathan alone from the year 1965 to the year 1967. Kannadhasan had started his film Titled Nagarathil Thirudargal. In which he give break to Shankar Ganesh as music director. However, unfortunately, the film had stopped. Therefore, Kannadhasan took brought him to the Chinnappa Devar and requested him to give them a break in movies. After death of Kannadhasan, Shankar Ganesh had his titles converted into the "Kavinger vazhangiya thevarin." ‘Shankar Ganesh Kaveri Thanda Kalaiselvi’ was a Natya Nadagam as Dance Drama wherein Jayalalitha has played the main lead and rehearsals used to happen at her house with all artists. She allows doing the practices and does it with the same enthusiast. And various musicians coming to her home for discussions and doing practice. Shankaraman, musician duo Shankar and Ganesh used to play music at the time of rehearsals. Sandhya used to make food and give all artistes breakfast and lunch. This continuously goes on for 28 days before the first show. The first event had happened in the year 1965. When Jayalalitha became a super star, she has recommended Devar Films to give musicians Shankar Ganesh. They did their debut as a music director in the film Magaraasi starring Ravinchandran with Jayalalitha in the year 2017. Jayalalitha is an Indian politician and actor. She had served the five terms as Chief Minister in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, India. Ravichandran is a Malaysian-India Actor, who mainly works in the Tamil film Industry. Their first independent release was Magaraasi on April 14 and in the year 1967. Aattukara Alakula was a turning point in their career. Aattukara Alamelu is the Musician duo Shankar Ganesh composed music for 2-films of Jayalalitha - Maharasi in the year 1967. It has produced by Devar Films and Vandhale Maharasi in the year 1973. It has directed by K.S. Gopalakrishnan. Their best-known compositions were in Naan Yen Pirenden and Idhaya Veenai. It has directed by M.A. Thirumugham.