Naanu L O Jaanu is a new Kannada language film which has been released in February 2018 It is directed by Suresh G and has Vishal Dhanta and Manjula Gangappa

Naanu L/O Jaanu Movie Review

Naanu L/O Jaanu Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Naanu L/O Jaanu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-02-2018
Genre: Romance, Drama
2 / 5.0



Naanu L/O Jaanu is a new Kannada language film, which has been released in February 2018. It is directed by Suresh.G and has Vishal Dhanta and Manjula Gangappa as the lead couple.


The plot of the film revolves around Devru a happy young go lucky guy who happens to fall in love with a girl next door called Jaanu. They both meet when Jaanu comes in searching for a new house and Devru and his friends help her get one. Devru thinks that eventually, they will end up like a fairy tale couple, but then Jaanu’s dark past gets revealed which Devru knows nothing about and then begins the twist in the tale.


The director has put up a very interesting story on paper, however, on screen it does not translate as expected. The way the story is executed fails to resonate with the audience, and they start losing interest till the second half of the movie begins. The way Devru goes behind Jaanu trying to swoon her is something every boy in love will relate too. Though coming to the second half, the film starts losing its pace and the story seems unconvincing.


Manjula Gangappa as Jaanu is a treat to watch and can steal your heart away with her expressions. Vishal Dhanta tries to support his co-star well, but Manjula takes away your breath completely. So, all in all, Vishal puts up a fairly good act as well. The supporting cast is also very good at their roles.

What’s there?

• Keeping everything aside, the film has a really good story with some unexpected turn of events and a dark twist.

• The lead actress is captivating and charming as well.

• The music directors and singers have done a good job in the music department.

What’s not there?

• No matter how good the story sounds while narration you will not feel the same magic when you watch it on screen.

• The director could have paid more attention to the way the story is unfolding on screen, as the movie could have been far better only if it had proper execution.

• The lead pair’s lack chemistry altogether.


This movie is good to watch, and you will like it if you are a romantic buff and like love stories with a twist.