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Navin Tamil Actor
Other Skills

Navin’s full name is Navin Chandar. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is an Indian. He is a professional Music Director specializing in the film score. He also composes soundtracks for Indian films. His works are mainly concentrated in South India.

He has composed music in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages mainly. His compositions are very famous in the South. People love his music because it is very beautiful and unique. Navin has composed the music for many hit films in South India. His music played a big role in making many movies successful because it was his music that attracted the viewers.

Navin is an expert in playing the flute and the keyboard. He began to learn to play the flute at the age of five. Since then he has tried his best to learn the applications of that instrument in Carnatic music. He had also tried to learn it's used in Western music.

He applied his learnings in the music that he composed. He had made himself an expert in playing flute by working hard throughout his childhood. A. R. Rahman got impressed by his skills, and in the year 2005, Rahman gave Navin an opportunity to compose a song in the National Award Winning Film Rang de Basanti starring Amir Khan Amir Iqbal Khan is a former professional boxer fro >> Read More... Amir Khan , R Madhavan, and many other popular actors.

The name of the song which he had composed was Luka Chupi. The song became a hit in 2005 when the movie was released. This was his first work in any major film. So Rang de Basanti marked Navin’s debut as a composer and music director in the film industry.

He won the hearts of all the audiences with his flute playing skills in the song. As a flute player, Navin has worked in many other major films but not in Bollywood. He has worked with music composers like G. V. P. Kumar and G. Jayaraj.

His career as a music composer started in the year 2013. In 2013 he was appointed as the music composer for a Tamil film Kalyana Malaya Sadham which was directed by R. S. Prasanna. The music of the film was a great hit among the people in the South.

But he did not want to use his real name in the credits of the film. He preferred to use the name Aborra. Later on, he made his debut as a music composer in the Malayalam film industry through the movie Peruchazhi in the year 2014 starring the popular actor Mohanlal. Vil Ambu Click to look into! >> Read More... Vil Ambu in the year 2016 and Oru Naal Iravi in 2015 are some more examples of Tamil movies in which he has been a music composer.