Other names of Rupini: Komal Mahuvakar, Roopini , Rubini

Komal Mahuvakar, who is famous as Rupini, is a Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam movie actress. She has done several roles with the actors Mamooty, Rajnikanth, Mohanlal, Vijaykanth, etc. She was born and brought up in Mumbai and initially did some Hindi movies such as Des Pardes, Meri Adalat. She was active in the film industry during the years 1987 to 1994. She stopped acting after getting married to Mohan Kumar in the year 1995.

Roopa Tamil Actress


Roopa is also known as Roopa Devi in the film fraternity. She was one –film wonder in Tamil film world. Her film ‘Oru Thalai Ragam’ (1980) opposite actor Shankar created box office history in Tamil film industry. It had a run of more than one year in Chennai but initially, the film was rejected by audiences. It was only after few weeks’ continuous show in theaters the film picked up well. It was a college love story, and this actress carrying a book in hand became the symbol of Chennai college goers. Although she was not extremely glamorous, people felt that she could become a star overnight in Kollywood. But this did not happen as she switched her preference in Malayalam movies. The music of ‘Oru Thalai Ragam’ by actor-cum –director T. Rajendar was well received. Although she got author backed roles in movies like ‘Echchil Iravugal‘ and ‘Kanavugal Karpanaigal’ both the movies had released n the year 1982, but it did not create a wave in theaters in Tamil Nadu. She acted with actors like Pratap Pothen, Vijayan, Sri Priya and Sarath babu. Since her first Tamil Film ‘Oru Thalai Ragam’ was highly successful film, many of her Malayalam movies were screened in Tamil Nadu theaters that had average run in Chennai. She mostly appeared in family drama movies in Kollywood. She was busy actress only for three years. It was between 1980-1983, she had signed almost 19 films and had completed them. Although her performances were never a box-office puller, she excelled in a role that was given to her in early 90’s in the film industry. After 1990, she withdrew herself from film assignments and again made a comeback in a Kannada movie ‘Jarasandha’(2011) in an elderly role. The film was disappointing, and she withdrew herself from films once again.



Appearing in Tamil films, Sanyathara is an Indian actress. The interesting fact that lies behind her name is the very fact that her original name was Sania Sheikh. Since she was a die-hard fan of tennis player Saniya Mirza and actress Nayantara, she formed her new cinema name as a combined name of these two. This, she thought, would get her luck. She began her career in 2010. She was opposite Vijay Vasanth in Nandha Periyasamy’s ‘Jigina’. She also starred along with new comers in many movies. ‘Oruvar Meethu Iruvar Saindhu’ was one movie to appreciate her talent much. The movie ‘Adhu VeruIdhu Vera’ also starred her remarkable performance. The actress says that she doesn’t mind picking up any challenging role unless it is vulgar. She could always do something like what Jyothika did in ‘Chandramukhi.’ Entering into the industry with a bang on the name change, this actress surely has a promising future ahead. Another Version of this Bio... Sanyathara is the famous Indian actress to appear in the South Indian movies especially the Tamil movies and also in few Telugu movies. When she was born, her name was different but she was stern since birth. Since she is a huge fan of the tennis player Sania Mirza and actress Nayantara (Indian actress to appear in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films who made her acting debut in the year 2003 through the film Manassinakkare and has won many awards for her acting till date), she kept her name. She had a strong feeling that this name would bring her luck and it will always keep her happy. Somewhere, this trust on her name kept her going and today she is a very talented actress of the industry. As a debut, she featured alongside other newcomers in the film Oruvar Meethu Iruvar Sainthu and came as a bold character Kavitha. She starred in Panivizhum Malarvanam which was a Tamil thriller film directed by James David. Sanyathara was the lead actress in it opposite Abhilash. The movie released in February 2014, begged good reviews from the audience and critics. The name of Sanya’s character in it was of Kavya. Adhu Vera Idhu Vera is another milestone of her career. Next she starred opposite the famous actor Vijay Vasanth in the film Vanna Jigina. It is a 2015 Tamil drama film directed by Nandha Periyasamy. Though the acting of the cast was tremendous yet the movie gained mixed reviews. There was a portrayal of people with dark skin tone as inferior which led to criticism but the strong message depicted in the movie won the hearts of the people. After this film, Sanyathara received many offers and hence she has now completed the shoot of many movies. She has finished filming for the upcoming movie Vaaraayo Vennilaave directed by R. Shashidharan. It is an Indian Tamil romance film. Movies like Thagadu Thagadu, Kadai Enn 6, Mei Maranthen, etc. are in line to release. They all star Sanyathara as the lead actress. She started her acting career in the year 2010 and in a short span of time, she has shown great growth. She is also called Sania Sheikh by her known ones. She achieved much appreciation after her film Jeeva released in the year 2014. The movie was appreciated by everyone and won many awards as well. Her recent photo-shoot in a red saree made her look more glamorous and stunning. Whichever role is given to her, she does that beautifully and all attires suit her well.

Sanyathara Tamil Actress