The glamorous world of fame and fortune is enticing for youngsters, and this actress Fozia Khan is no exceptional. She has posted many her pictures on film website to get a recognition. And now we have to believe that younger aspiring actress like her is trying to struggle towards the dream of becoming a star. 

She is perhaps in mid-twenties, and she hopes her age factor and glamorous look will be able to pave a comforting journey towards stardom. However, it could also be that she could land up becoming like others who were nowhere to be seen on the horizon of Kollywood cinema.

Like many artists in Kollywood, they had dreamt a lot of becoming an actress and met the casting couches and yet could not get a break at all. Hence, we look back at those actors and see their journey, it seems to be true. But then an enthusiastic young aspiring actress like Fozia Khan can also face many hurdles too.

But then it is never too late to act towards a dream. In Kollywood, there are many talented actresses who had appeared and got faded away. But then nobody had ever stopped dreaming at all. Fozia Khan is one such actress who aspires to become an actress in Kollywood.

This actress is ultra-modern, and we hope she is suitable for varied roles. With no film background, the young, cheerful and ultra-modern actress who posted her photos in movie gallery make us feel that the industry will notice her soon. We hope for the best.