Riya Bamniyal is an actress who appears in movies and televisions serials. She is just three films old but has grabbed an offer to take up television career seriously, and she was spotted in ' Yeh Hai Aashiqui Yeh hai Aashiqui is a Hindi story serial being air >> Read More... Yeh Hai Aashiqui ' which is being aired on Bindaas channel. The actress has expressed that she had found a new respect for television and she discovered this while playing just one episode in the serial 'Yeh Hai Aashiqui.' She said it was just not fun but even had been enabled her to portray many shades of emotions in one episode itself. She is playing a pivotal role in the serial and donning a character of a girl ' Ahana Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... Ahana ' who leaves home to chase her dreams in Mumbai and in the end she becomes successful too. Riya first made her debut in a Tamil movie ’Kulir 100’ in the year 2009 in which she was cast opposite actor Sanjeev. Riya played the principal's daughter in this movie.

In the year 2011, Riya got the chance to act in a Bollywood film named ‘Luv Ka The End’. The film failed to receive a good response at the box office, but she was excellent in her performance. The actress is also acting in a Kannada movie named ‘Namma Kalyani’. It is a real story that happened in Bengaluru town based on true sketches of a motherand  how she abandoned her child.  Riya has a stellar role in the movie. Also, she also played an important part in a horror movie 'Rajmahal' which was released in 2014. The actress was born on born 28 October 1987. She is very sportive and can be suitable for the glam role. She is exact for glam doll roles that Bollywood might want to exploit in near future. She is expected to get more varied roles and does not mind acting in other regional languages. Language is no bar for her; she is quite capable of delivering exactly what the film demands out of her whether ii is in a small or big screen.