Padmini Ramachandran

Other names of Padmini Ramachandran: Padmini,Natiya Peroli, Pappima
Padmini Ramachandran Tamil Actress
  • DOB : 12-06-1932
  • Date of death: 24-09-2006
  • Star Sign : Gemini
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actress

Padmini Ramachandran is a legendary actress who had stunned the Indian film industry with her vibrant acting and graceful dance. Padmini has dazzled many film industries, including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Padmini is a Keralite born in Trivandrum in the year 1932. She is well recognized as the member of the Travancore sisters. Padmini, along with her sisters Lalitha and Ragini stood together while dazzling the Indian film industry. They are together known as the Travancore sisters. Padmini started entertaining the general public from the age of fourteen. She was seen in a Hindi film named “ Kalpana Click to look into! >> Read More... Kalpana ” as a dancer. She thus lighted the lamp for the thirty-year embarkment she took in the field of acting. And during this extensive acting period, she was seen to have made some great movies with some of the most legendary artists in the Indian film industry, such as Sivaji Ganesha, Prem Nazeer, Sathyan, Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor was a renowned actor, director, and pro >> Read More... Raj Kapoor , Shami Kapoor, S.S. Rajendran, etc.

Even though a Keralite, she mainly acted in Tamil films. Her debut movie in Tamil was “Ezhai Padum Padu”, which was released in the year 1950. The movie instantly gave her a ticket to stardom. She has taken upon a mix of characters. But most of her characters seemed to tap into the graceful dancer within her. Even with those different characters she does, one underlying similarity in them regarding the emergence of the ‘dancer’. She has done over hundred films, making her one of the most respected actresses in the industry. She has also brought in a handful of awards including a National Award for her acting skills. She has also done a TV series named “”, a Malayalam soap opera which was aired on Asianet channel in the year 2002. She truly was an irreplaceable asset to the film industry. She died on September 2006. Her absence was truly felt by all and affected everyone equally.