Top Ten Male Get-Up Movies Of Bollywood Superstar Heroines

Top Ten Male Get-Up Movies Of Bollywood Superstar Heroines Hindi Article

It is undeniable that Bollywood is a male-dominated business, and when we discuss cross-dressing characters in films, this reality becomes much more obvious. When discussing drag roles, both the general public and the film industry only refer to (male) actors. Bollywood heroines who have disguised themselves as males are hardly mentioned. Yes, there are a lot of gorgeous Bollywood divas who have disguised as males in films for roles big and small, but the number and frequency might not be similar to that of the actors.Our B-Town divas have consistently been seen on the red carpet in stunning attire. It is uncommon to see a woman assume a man's role on screen because audiences are accustomed to seeing celebrities' glamorous lives from their point of view.

The top 10 actresses who masquerade as women in films are listed below.

1. Rani Mukerji Rani Mukerji is one of the most celebrated Indian >> Read More... Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji plays Veera in the Yash Raj film " Dil Bole Hadippa! Click to look into! >> Read More... Dil Bole Hadippa! ". Veera is an avid cricket fan who aspires to play for her village as a batsman but is turned down by the coaches and the team captain ( Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor also identifies as the name Shahid K >> Read More... Shahid Kapoor ) because she is a woman. She then resolves to take on the identity of Veer Pratap Singh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Veer Pratap Singh , Veera's brother. Her performance is superb, her makeup as Veer is excellent, and the film is a lot of fun.


2. Vidya Balan Vidya Balan is an award winning Bollywood actress >> Read More... Vidya Balan

Vidya plays Bilqees Ahmed in the film Bobby Jasoos Click to look into! >> Read More... Bobby Jasoos , a Hyderabadi woman who adopts the identity " Bobby Click to look into! >> Read More... Bobby " to work as a private investigator and solve local crimes. She has the chance to don many disguises while posing as a guy during one of her cases to gather the required details regarding the location of two girls in the region and to locate them. Sadly, Vidya has not been given enough screen time to have a significant impact, although she looks incredibly believable in the various outfits.


3. Raveena Tandon Raveena Tandon is an Indian film actress who is kn >> Read More... Raveena Tandon

Kundan Shah's final film as a filmmaker was "Ek Se Badhkar Ek." Ishaa Koppikkar plays a RAW agent in this scene, and Raveena Tandon plays a police inspector. These two pose as Sikh men to obtain crucial information that will help them find the real offenders. Although the scenario is brief and there isn't much to comment on, they certainly appear credible.


4. Tanuja

In the dead of night, Tanuja disguises herself as a man and enters the homes of various wealthy businessmen to steal specific jewelry items. She leaves a Swastik sign as evidence of her presence. The word "chor" is used in the film title "Do Chor" to describe how she dresses like a guy to break into a residence.

5. Kalpana Kartik

In this Dev Anand Dev Anand would be nostalgically remembered by fil >> Read More... Dev Anand film, Taxi Driver, Kalpana Kartik Kalpana Kartik (born as Mona Singha) is an actress >> Read More... Kalpana Kartik dresses as a male. Mala, a runaway from home, finds herself in the home of cab driver Mangal while looking for a man who gave her lies and deceit about marriage. She also poses as a male to reside in his house till she can track down her missing prince charming.


6. Saira Banu When Saira made her debut in film Junglee, she was >> Read More... Saira Banu

Saira Banu had the opportunity to briefly portray a man in Junglee, her first significant motion picture. When Saira Banu poses as a sadhu baba to persuade the hero to journey to a hilltop for good fortune and other purposes, she puts on a drag show, and what a fool he was to trust her.


7. Madhubala

In India, cross-dressing has a long history, but only when men dress as women to play female roles in films and plays. Well, this is as far back as anyone could get in terms of women transvesting on film.In the 1956 movie Raj Hath, Bollywood's very own silver screen queen, Madhubala, transitioned from playing a princess to a soldier.


8. Shilpa Shetty A model turned actress, producer, entrepreneur and >> Read More... Shilpa Shetty

In the film Pardesi Babu, Raju, an impoverished villager, and Chinni, a rich runaway bride, fall in love. When Raju expresses interest in marrying Chinni, her father opposes their relationship and demands that he earn INR 1 crore within a year. Shilpa Shetty pretends to be a Sikh man for a while to avoid being caught, but eventually, the two are discovered and kicked out of their tenement.


9. Kumkum

Guru Dutt Born on 9th July 1925, Guru Dutt was an Indian act >> Read More... Guru Dutt found Kumkum, another one of the "few recognized stars of Bollywood." However, Lalkar was a war film, and the Japanese invasion of Burma during World War II World War II is a Malayalam information TV show on >> Read More... World War II served as its inspiration. Additionally, Kumkum, who in this film was in love with Dharmendra, claimed to be a soldier so she could join Dharmendra's unit on a mission to destroy a Japanese base camp.

10. Padmini Ramachandran Padmini Ramachandran is a legendary actress who ha >> Read More... Padmini Ramachandran

The Bollywood performer was committed to making his most expensive film different in every way. When Raj Kapoor discovers Padmani's true identity in "Mera Naam Joker," she admits that she was forced to assume a male persona to protect her dignity from men's lustful gaze and to make a living. Raju, aka Padmini, initially meets Joker as a gentleman, and she proceeds to mislead him.