Padma Lakshmi

Other names of Padma Lakshmi: Padma Parvati Lakshmi Vaidynathan
Padma Lakshmi Tamil Actress
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“Bon Appétit!” Like what chefs usually say. Who will ever forget the character “Isabella” starring Penelope Cruz One of the sexiest actresses of all time and sensa >> Read More... Penelope Cruz from the movie “Woman on Top?” Our mouth poured out with water, our lips burned and heart rose while watching this movie. A beautiful love story with the blend of culinary. I would like to tell you that we’re not talking about Penelope here, we are talking about a “real-life Isabella.”

She is often compared/paralleled to this character by some. Her name is Padma Lakshmi. She changed the ideology towards cooking and eating. She managed readers and viewers to understand that we can prepare tons of recipes with healthy ingredients and maintain body-physique.

A “Tamil” origin but won the hearts of American and around the world in cookbooks and her cooking shows. Naming one of the hosts/judges of the primetime “ Top Chef Top Chef is an American television series that fea >> Read More... Top Chef

Padma is not just a simple food-enthusiast and expert but also a model, producer, jewelry designer and actress. She wrote the cookbooks “Easy Exotic and Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet.” She won the “Best First Book" award from Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 1999. She began modeling and acting to pay for her college tuition fees and loans after she was discovered in Madrid, Spain. She worked for the “top-of-the-signature-lines” Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Ralph Lauren, Alberta Ferretti, Roberto Cavalli and Versus. She also posed nude for the magazine “Allure.” She appeared in the film “ Glitter Story coming soon... >> Read More... Glitter ” with Mariah Carey Mariah Carey, 45, was born in Long Island, New Yor >> Read More... Mariah Carey as “Sylk.” She appeared first in the Italian TV-Series “Domenica In,” “Il Figlio di Sandokan,” “Caraibi-Pirates” and “Linda e il Brigadiere” all from years 1997 to 2000 respectively. She appeared in the Indian Film “Boom” and “Mistress of Spices.” She launched her jewelry lines called “Padma” in 2009.

Her “imperfection” made her beautiful as they say. She has a signature “scar” on her right arm that made her very famous and also the favorite of the well-renowned photographer Helmut Newton for Vogue Publications that always highlighted her scar in her photos. She got the scar in a car accident at the age of 14. She was married to Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie is a British-Indian novelist and es >> Read More... Salman Rushdie a famous writer and later on divorced. She had a daughter with the businessman Adam Dell. She was also linked to Richard Gere Richard Gere is an American actor, known for his o >> Read More... Richard Gere and eventually revealed that they two split-up after six months of courting.