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Glitter Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV
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Glitter is a thriller series centered on rape and murder, where a group of girls reports a rape case that resulted in the death of the assailant in self-defense. Initially perceived as a straightforward tale by the police, the introduction of the CBI adds complexity, casting doubt on the veracity of the girls' account. As the investigation progresses, suspense builds, with the CBI resorting to inappropriate methods to extract the truth from the girls. The girls find themselves repeatedly in difficult situations under the guise of investigation, leaving uncertainty about whether self-defense was the cause of death or if it was murder. Eventually, the CBI shifts its perspective, considering the possibility that someone else might have committed the murder.




Anupriya Kapoor Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 26 November 1991
Anupriya Kapoor
Abhay Vakil Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 1 February 1988
Abhay Vakil
Alok Nath Hindi Movie Actor
DOB: 10 July 1956
Alok Nath
Dushyant Wagh Hindi Supporting Actor
DOB: 23 January 1987
Dushyant Wagh
Jitendra Trehan Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 31 August 1955
Jitendra Trehan
Kabir Sadanand Hindi Director
DOB: 29 December 1957
Kabir Sadanand