She is a famous music director. She is very hard working. She struggles a lot for success in her life. She is famous for Raja Gari Intlo 7 via Raja. In the field of filmography, she also succeeded a lot. Her upcoming films are Paddamandi Premalo and Maha Prastanam. In 2016 she worked on Maha Pristina. She also gave her best in Raja Gari into 7 via Raja in 2016. She worked for Paganism in 2014 and B4 marriage in 2011. All these films are in Telugu language.

Her upcoming movie will be released in 2019. She works very hard for these films. Maha Pristina is a Telugu movie. Kanishka is a music director of this movie. She contributes a lot to this movie. This is a romantic movie. Manish Chatterjee is included as a casting of this movie. Paddamandi Premalo is another movie in which Kanishka contribute. It is a Telugu romantic movie. This movie is cast by Kiran Tej, Monika. The director of the film is Venkat Soorigi. She loves music from her early age.

Her famous music playlist is: Nee Kougililo, B4 marriage, main leads of the song are China and Deep. Kommallo Koyilamma ,B4 marriage, main leads of the songs are Krishna Chai Tanya and Anjana Soumya.B4 boys, B4 marriage, main leads of the songs are Deep and David Kalyan came, B4 marriage, main leads of the songs are: Geetha Madhuri and Ravi Varma. Chinikula, B4 marriage, the main lead of songs is Srikrishna. Power Star, Paganism, main lead: Baba Sehgal. Yemaindo, Paganism, main lead of song: Revanth and Sahithi. Udayinche, Pawanishm,main lead of song Deepu. Chinukai , Pawanishm, main lead of song are Sri Krishna and Nithya. Gun Pattani, Pawanishm, main lead of song are Umaneha.

Adhe Navvu, Adhe Navvu main lead of song: Prasad Babe. Total number of playlist songs is 20.some of the popular playlist songs are mentioned above. All the songs are well versed in Telugu language. Four main albums of the Kanishka are: earliest century 21, B4 marriage, Adhe Navvu, Paganism. She is very hard working. She is very kind- hearted by nature. She is very compassionate towards her work. She gives her best in every music. Viewers love her songs very much. She receives positive response from the viewers. Her co-workers are very happy with her nature. She achieved a lot in her life. She believes that her complete life is depended upon music. Music provides peace to her mind leads to positive thinking.