Bharathi Vishnuvardhan is an Indian actress who worked mainly in Kannada films. She also appeared in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films. During the 60s to 80s, Bharathi appeared as a leading lady in Sandalwood. Bharathi who wanted to act in Marathi films too didn’t do so, and she later mused over that. 

Born on 15 August 1950, Bharathi hails from a Marathi-speaking culture. During 1975, she wedded Kannada superstar Vishnuvardhan. Bharathi ventured into the film industry with the 1964 Hindi flick Geet Gaya Patharon Ne. She ventured into the Kannada film industry with the 1966 romcom Love in Bangalore. Bharathi received critical accolades for her flicks Bangaaradha Manushya, Runa Muktalu, Gandondu Hennaru, Doorada Betta, Avalukendru Oru Manam, Bangaarada Jinke, and Bhagya Jyoti. Bangarada Manushya in which Bharathi shared screen space with Dr Rajkumar was a landmark in her career. Bangarada Jinke, Gandondu Hennaru and Bhagyajyothi are some other Kannada flicks which gained her recognition. 

The serial Janani aired in Kannada Doordarshan also was a showcase to her acting prowess. Runamuktalu was the film in which Bharathi worked after a long gap of 10 years. Bharathi feels that an artist will never be complacent and yearns to achieve more. 

Suraj, Khel, Purab Aur Paschim, Izzatdaar, Uttar Dakshin, Aao Pyaar Karen and Kunwaara Baap are some of the hit flicks of Bharathi in Bollywood. Bharathi is in the film industry for over 5 decades. She is not bothered about the quantity of films that she acted but instead she is happy that she has carved a niche for herself in the hearts of the fans.
Arundhati Tamil Actress


Born in the year 1991 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 'Arundhati' is a model and a film actress who is known for various Kannada and Tamil movies. She is popular by many other names like Apsara, Padmavathi, etc. She had been beautiful and graceful since always. After completing her Pre-University Course from Bangalore from The Ammanni College, she decided to undergo training as an air hostess. She completed the training from Bangalore as well. As a model, she also appeared in an advertisement for the brand Sumangali Sarees in the year 2009. In the year 2010, Arundhati made her debut as an actress by the name Padmavathi in the Kannada movie 'Kolminchu' and also in the film 'Khadak', which was directed by 'G.K. Mudduraj'. Just with two films, she became an eminent personality of Kannada cinema. The same year, she also tried her luck in the Tamil film industry. She appeared in the lead role in the movie 'Veluthu Kattu', which was produced by 'S.A. Chandrasekhar'. Though the picture had received bad reviews yet, Arundhati was well accepted by the critics and audience. A communication company wrote that the silver lining of the drab film was the performance of the cast especially the new lady Arundhati. People adored her and wished to see her in a more astonishing role by the hands of an able director. She appeared in 'Bodinayakanur Ganesan' opposite 'Harikumar', but this film also received bad reviews from critics and audience. Till now, Arundhati could not get the role and fame she deserved. She featured in the movie 'Sundaattam', and the film attained good reviews. Slowly, Arundhati's acting improved. She appeared in the movie 'Agraja', which gave her a pleasing experience. In the year 2014, her Kannada picture 'Nehru Indu' gave her the dream role. She was seen playing the character of a prostitute which she played extremely well. 'Padmamagan' directed the movie and gave Arundhati this glorious chance. This film gave her a sizzling break which she required to establish herself in the industry. Just after Nehru Indu she got a chance to act in the movie 'Naaigal Jaakirathai', which was a Tamil film. The name of her character was Renu. In her 2015 release 'Thottal Thodarum', she played the role of a call center employee and was starred opposite to 'Thaman Kumar'. They both shared a great on-screen chemistry in the movie. She is currently working on many projects like 'Vetri', 'Saravana Poigai', etc. These are going to be released soon. Arundathi’s versatility is her weapon, and she has started using it well. Another Version Of This Bio: Arundhati is new emerging Tamil actor. Before becoming an actor, she did a one-year course of an air hostess from Bangalore. Not so later, she did an advertisement of Sumangali Sarees. She did her debut from a Kannada film “Kolminchu” (2010) in which she played the role of Padmavati. Arundhati started her journey in Tamil industry with the film “Veluthu Kattu”. Although the film did not create much of a wave, Arundhati from her acting skills did. ‘Sifi’ even called her the ‘silver lining’ for the film and Bihindwoods stated that she could shine if she gets a good role and a talented director. Even her next two release “, Bodinayakanur Ganesan” and “Sundaattam” did not earn much of acknowledgement. But this young girl did not lose hope and kept moving in the industry. In 2004, her Kannada movie “Agraja” was released. But later, when “Netru Indru” was released, it proved to be her biggest break. She played the role of a prostitute in the movie which was apparently very bold and strong. Her director congratulated her for the extraordinary performance and that now more gate of opportunity would be opened for her. She has four upcoming movies in Tamil amongst which are “Thottal Thodarum” (where she would play the role of a call centre employee) a thriller “Naaigal Jaakirathai”, Vetri and Saravanan Poigai.


Chandini Tamilarasan

Chandini Tamilarasan is an Indian movie actress who has done several Tamil movies. She was born and brought up in Nungambakkam, Chennai in a middle-class family. She did her schooling at Church Park, Chennai. After finishing her schooling, she studied Visual Communications at Ethiraj College. She contested in the Miss Chennai 2007 pageant show when she was 17 but did not win. Later in 2009, she appeared in a reality show which grabbed attention towards her, and she was called for a screen test by K. Bhagyaraj. She got signed and made her debut with the movie, Siddhu +2 (2010) where she played the lead role alongside Bhagyaraj's son, 'Shanthnoo'. The movie did poorly at the box office. She later worked in a film Padithurai, which didn't get a theatrical release. Later she got several offers but rejected them to return to college to finish her studies and graduated in 2014. In 2013, she was seen in Naan Rajavaga Pogirenin with Nakul and Avani Modi, a movie by 'Prithvi Rajkumar'. She also debuted in Telugu movies with 'Kalicharan', which was based on real events revolving around the life of MLA Erra Satyam. The movie was set in the 1980s. Her next two films, Kiraak, and Lovers, both released in August 2014. Her upcoming movies are Palaandu Vaazhga by Anjana Ali Khan where she is playing the role of an IT professional and Vil Ambu by Ramesh Subramaniam, where she will be playing the role of a slum dweller. She will also be seen in two untitled Telugu projects, a romance drama and a horror comedy in 2016. Another Version Of This Bio: Chandhini Tamilarasan who is an Indian Actress appeared in several Tamil and Telegu movies. Her parents Tamilarasan and Padmanjali. She was grown up in Nungambakkam, Chennai. She did her degree in Visual Communication in Ethiraj College. She started her career as a model. She took part as a contestant in Miss. Chennai in the year 2007 at the age of seventeen but she missed the chance to hold the crown. By the year 2009, she began to appear in her first serial show. After that show, she got a call to appear for the screen test from the Director 'K.Bhagyaraj' for his new Movie. She made her debut act in the play Sindhu+2 along with his co-actor 'Shanthnoo'. The film was released in the year 2010 December after a little delay. The film did not get much success as expected. In the year 2010 middle, she signed to act in the movie Padithurai with an actor which was directed by a leading Tamil actor Arya. But the film was not released due to some issues. After that, she refused to act and perused in her studies to complete her degree. By the year 2014, she completed her degree. She then acted in Prithvi raj's movie Naan Rajavaga Pogiren along with the co-actors Nakul and Avani Modi. The writer of the show was 'Vetrimaaran'. She then started her Telugu in an Action movie Kalicharan, based on the real-life history of an MLA Erra Satyam. After that, she appeared in two programs named Lovers and Kiraak which about set about to release in August 2014. She also appeared in the movie Vil ambu which was directed by Ramesh Subramaniam, in that she played the role of an IT professional. She also signed to work in two more Telugu movies which were not named still. The theme of the movies includes a Horror movie and a Romantic movie which will be Naveen's debut film the son of actor Naresh. In the year 2016, she acted in the movie Nayyapudai whish was directed by Vijay Kiran. The co-stars of the game include S.A.Chandrasekhar, Pa.Vijay which released in February 2016.Apart from that, she acted in several films during the year 2016 which includes Tamil and Telugu movies. The movie Palaandu Vaazha, an upcoming romantic comedy talkie directed by Anjana Ali khan. Her next movie Ennodu Vilayadu which is an upcoming Tamil romantic program features Bharath as her co-actor. Her next movie is Kattappava Kanom which is a comedy basis movie the director of the cinema is Mani Seiyon. The Starring includes Sibiraj and Aishwarya Rajesh. Another Version Of This Bios: Chandini Tamilarasan is a popular Indian movie actress, who mainly works in the Telugu and Tamil language movies. She started her career in the main role in K Bhagyaraj's Sidhu +2, before getting to play the role in Naan Rajavaga Pogiran. Chandini took birth to Padmanjali and Tamilarasan and brought up in Nungambakkam, Chennai. She finished her secondary education at Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Anna Salai, Chennai. Later, she completed her graduation in Visual Communications from Ethiraj College for Women. She participated in the Miss Chennai 2007 pageant when she was 17 years old. She did not finish in the top three. Later, in 2009, she featured in a TV reality show on a Tamil channel. After that, she got a call from director K Bhagyaraj's office requesting her to perform a screen test for his new project. She ultimately impressed and offered a role in Sidhu +2 which featured Bhagyaraj's son, Shantanu, along with her. The movie released on December 2010 after a delay, but did poorly at the box office, getting average reviews. During mid-2010, she joined and worked in a movie titled Padithurai starring youngsters while the producer of the film was a famous Tamil actor Arya. The movie did not get a commercial release. Even though she received many offers, Chandini rejected all of them and went back to college to complete her education. She finished her degree in 2014. Chandini worked in Prithvi Rajkumar's Nan Rajvaga Pogiren in 2013 along with Avani Modi and Nakul, and the movie got dialogues written by Vetrimaran. Later, in that year she started her Telugu career with the action-drama film Kalicharan, which based in the 1980s. The movie based on true incidents that revolve around the life of late Erra Satyam. Her next two movies, Kiraak, and Lovers got released one week after another in August 2014. Her next films include Vil Ambu produced by Susenthiran and directed by Ramesh Subramaniam. We will see her portraying a slum dweller and Palaandu Vaazhga, directed by Anjana Ali Khan in which she portrays an IT professional. Apart from that, she worked on two unnamed Telugu films, a romantic drama and a horror-comedy, which will be actor Naveen's debut film."

Chandini Tamilarasan Tamil Actress