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Bhavana Rao is a beautiful Indian film actress who has contributed to the Indian Cinema mainly in Kannada and Tamil language. She was born in Shimoga, India. She is popularly known as Shikha. She made her debut with the movie Gaalipata in the year 2008; It is a Kannada film being a romantic comedy. The film has won many awards for its excellence in certain fields of filmmaking. Bhavana Rao managed to get appreciation from the critics for her work in the debut film. This film brought her leading roles in movies like Kola Kholaya Mundhirika is a capture of hilarious comedy in Tamil language, released in the year 2010. Shikha played the lead role with other co-actors, VaahRe Vaah, and a recent movie in the year 2016 Parapancha which is a psychological comedy movie.,

Vinmeengal is a movie which is very close to her heart, and she is seen playing Motherhood with a special child. She loves to do roles that give her creative satisfaction. This beauty is a Postgraduate in human resource management. After her debut film she was off screen for eight long months and according to an interview was given to the Times of India she stated that her break was not because she had no scripts, scripts offered to her were all for college going students but she wanted to play an imaginative, creative and an inspirational role. She did not want herself to be just the glam quotient of the movie industry. She is a strong woman with her perfect mindset and persona.

She says that she does not welcome any suggestions on the film’s script or the scenes until the director says it. Apart from acting Bhavana is a Bharatnatyam dancer and has made her recognition in that field. She has also contributed her talented on the silver screen by hosting shows on channels like Asianet and Zee Tv.

Another Version Of Bio :

The Indian film actress popularly known as Shikha’s original name is Bhavana Rao, the Bengaluru beauty who appeared in Kannada and Tamil language films. The gorgeous actress was born in Shimoga, Karnataka, who had been initially anchoring in various Television programs before becoming a lead film actress. The actress studied in Bengaluru, who had utmost passion towards dance and trained to become a Bharatanatyam exponent and graduated in Human Resources Development. The actress started her career as an anchor in Asianet, Zee TV channels and later moved on to cast in films. Doing supportive roles at the beginning of her career in film industry, the actress Bhavana Rao turned to Shikha in a Tamil movie ‘Mamminangal’, where she did the role of a mother of an ill child. The actress Shikha was recognized for a song with the background of Bharatanatyam, who later acted in Kannada movies such as Mayadantha Male, Holidays, Vaare Vaah and Gagana Chukki Click to look into! >> Read More... which did not rise up to her expectations.

The first debut film of the actress Shikha is Gaalipata in 2008, in Kannada industry, where she played the role of ‘Pavni’, who was spunky as ever that resulted in nominations for Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress – Kannada. In 2012, the actress played the role of Veni in a Tamil movie Kola Kolaya Mundhirika, which had led to recognizing her and then, she became familiar with Kollywood industry. In the same year, the actress signed a Kannada film Vaareh Vah, playing the role of ‘Roopa’ and again in a Tamil movie Vinmeengal, which was a different approach script in Kollywood industry. This movie was successful and actress Shikha became familiar with her role in this movie as ‘ Meera Meera is Tamil mega serial that is being aired in >> Read More... ’. Also, she acted in a Tamil movie ‘Padam Paarthu Kadhai Sol’ in the same year.

In 2013, the actress played the role of ‘ Chandini Chandini is best known by her full name ChandiniSr >> Read More... ’ in a Tamil movie Vana Yuddham and which was simultaneously converted to Attahasa in Kannada as well. This movie grabs the biography of the notorious forest brigand Veerappan played by an ensemble casts such as Kishore, Action King Arjun, Varalakshmi and Raai Lakshmi. Gaining confidence from working in both lead roles and supporting roles in the film industry, the actress got an opportunity to give a special appearance in the movie Bahuparak a Kannada film in 2014, where the actress had already started her career from Kannada industry, which led to being recognized by the audience. Later in 2016, the actress acted in Parapancha a Kannada film and in 2017 three consecutive films such as Satya Harishchandra, Dayavittu Gamanisi Click to look into! >> Read More... , and Tiger Galli continuously.


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