Dilip Kumar

Other names of Dilip Kumar: Muhammad Yusuf Khan, Tragedy King

Muhammad Yusuf Khan was born on the 11th of December in the year 1922. Dilip Kumar was born in Peshawar. He is a Bona fide personality with his unique style and aura. He is an Indian Bollywood Actor. This magnificent industry gave him the name of TRAGEDY King. He started his career in the year 1944 with his movie Jwar Bhata, which did not score well on the box office, but as the actor believes failure is the first step to the success he did not lose hope and with his work he got the title of TRAGEDY KING. He got his recognition and popularity from the film Jugnu released in the year 1944. He cast with Noor Jahan Noor Jahan alias Noor is south Indian model turned >> Read More... Noor Jahan in Jugnu. 1949 released Shabnam was a big hit along with another hit movie released in the same year named Andaz with Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor was a renowned actor, director, and pro >> Read More... Raj Kapoor and Nargis.

This was a film based on the concept of the love triangle. He performed not only tragic plots but also romantic plots like Jogan released in the year1950, Taranaa in the year 1951, Hulchul in the year 1951, Daag released in the year 1952 and Madhumati released in the year 1958. These films played a crucial role in giving him the identity of Tragedy King. His first film in Technicolor was Aan and then a big hit Mughal-e- Aazam in the year 1960. With super hit movies, the actor also achieved a good number of awards for his versatility in roles and is also remembered as the first and only hero to get seven Filmfare awards for his great talent portrayal. He has won the maximum amount of Filmfare awards. He also has his name in the Guinness World Record for winning the highest number of awards.

He has also received Lifetime Achievement Award from Filmfare. Not only these he has won India’s most honourable award- Padma Bhushan in the year 1991 and a recent award Padma Vibhushan in the year 2015 and many other reputed awards. Dilip Kumar suffered a mild heart attack in the year 2013 after which he was admitted in the Lilavati Hospital Mumbai after some days doctors informed his fans that he was stable and was kept under observation. In the year 2014, the actor suffered from pneumonia and was admitted for his treatment at the Lilavati Hospital. We wish this extraordinary talent healthy future ahead.

Another Version Of This Bio:

One of the guiding principles of not only iconic and legendary actor but also a beautiful human being watching whose films the onlookers are of the opinion that in the ‘character's' he had played, they won’t be able to portray anybody else. After 93 years, ten months and counting days, what more a person can ask. Born as Yousuf Khan Yousuf Khan is a famous Pakistani actor who was bo >> Read More... Yousuf Khan in 11.12.1922 in Peshawar, this actor believes in making everybody smile. Now, even after losing all his tangible charm, the stories of his acting and observation skills (for which he was awarded the first ‘best actor award’ and eight similar ones after that) are such that even today everybody is borrowing from Dilip Kumar. No doubt that he has worshipped his work hard to gain such a position not only on the records of the Filmfare books as the recipient of maximum ‘Best Actor Awards ‘but also in the hearts and souls of the people.

Initially commencing as a canteen contractor, he took up the job to supplement his family; he grew himself to become an earth grounded legend, who believed in himself and urges others to do the same when in an interview he announced that if Dileep can become an actor anybody can. Gaining inspiration from Eg Bertman, James Steward, Barry Kopa; he went on to become a great method actor. He talks highly of their films and actor Ashok Kumar had a great influence over him. His career spans over infinite decades giving us all 60 wonderful and beautiful films to look at and enjoy. His career won’t ever take a slight halt because he had indeed made meaning in his life with his variety of blockbuster films. He went on from doing Jwar Bhata as his first to a triangular love story in Andaz, portrayed cent percent drama in Devdas and giving out a social message in Ganga Jamuna, as Salim showcasing exotic love story in Mughal-e-Azam. But it wasn’t always a smooth path for our oh-so-perfect hero. His films in the era of 1968 to 1987 were no significant hits, and he lost many offers to Rajesh Khanna Born as Jatin Khanna on 29th December 1942, the ch >> Read More... Rajesh Khanna and Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar was born on July 9th, 1938 in Mumbai >> Read More... Sanjeev Kumar subsequently.

He is often stated to be the ‘Tragedy King’ but what good is the success if it comes without struggle. He then went on to take the long-awaited jump with the revolutionary Kranti after two years of break. Followers in huge numbers were also found in the government of India and Pakistan as he was awarded Padma Bhushan and Dadasaheb Phalke civilian award for his continuous efforts and further India’s second highest civilian award, Padma Vibhushan just a year ago by them. Now, how can Pakistan be a step back, the government of Pakistan went on to honour him with its highest civilian award, the Nisthan-e-Imtiaz in 1997.

Dilip Kumar now almost a national hero has a biography with the name ‘substance over form’ which is admired a lot by his fans. Talking of fans, one cannot forget the biggest of them, Saira Banu When Saira made her debut in film Junglee, she was >> Read More... Saira Banu who is skill accomplished, quite a damsel and a great lover. She had a dream of marrying Yousuf Khan since she was 12, and ten yrs later she was Mrs Dileep Kumar. She being an affluent lady herself is a constant support of Dilip Kumar and a true live definition of love.

Her love towards this hero intensifies her beauty and her smile when she catches glimpses of Dilip in between interviews while her hands are always locked in his as if she still thinks to be a dream. Her Yousuf Sahab adores her too. Living in the present and following the reality, there is so much to learn from Dilip Kumar as an actor, as a person, as an Indian citizen, as a Pakistani - born child, and as an inspiration and motivation that the world universally would like to add a 100 more candles on his cake.