Tej Raj is a budding actor in Kollywood. He is also the son of veteran actor Charan Raj Charan Raj is a versatile actor who is popular for >> Read More... Charan Raj . Who does not identify with the character that Charan Raj played in movies like Baashha, Gentleman, Pratighaat, Indrudu Chandrudu Click to look into! >> Read More... Indrudu Chandrudu and Kartavyam?

This actor Tej Raj learned filmmaking at Balu Mahendra’s acting school. But how did Tej Raj land up in the film industry? There is a real story behind it. 

His father Charan Raj once called up N Lingusamy and introduced his son. it is also true that once Tej Raj revealed his interest in cinema but could not wake up to the thought which part of cinema was he interested? His father asked him if he is interested in acting, direction or photography. But since a father is known to be a source of inspiration and wanted to give a direction to his son, Charan Raj felt to introduce his son before the media fraternity.

Tej Raj is ‘mamma’s son’, and it is said his mother never wanted any other member of the family to take a plunge in the cinema industry. Charan Raj has acted in many movies with superstar Rajinikanth, and his father finds the actor Rajini as very simple person too.

Vijay’s father S.A.Chandrasekhar had introduced Charan Raj in Tamil film industry and his father is a big shot celebrity in the industry and gets along with Shankar, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... Kamal Haasan etc but he was not seen after ‘Thotta’ movie in Kollywood.

Actor Charan Raj has three children. Tej Raj, Eshwari, Devendra Raj. Tej Raj’s brother Devendra wants to become a pilot. His father always wants his son Tej Raj not to become ‘a star’, but ‘a true actor’.

His father who is a veteran of the film industry has advised his son Tej Raj to get out of stage fears and pushed him into Balu Mahendra’s school of acting.

Because of an excessive concentration to his son's career, the father Charan Raj had lost some 20 movies out of his kitty. When his father Charan Raj came to the industry, nobody was supportive, hence his father now wants to give full backing to his son. His father had almost spent 30 years in film industry.

After the 12th exam was over, when Tej Raj was alone sitting in a sulky mood, actor Charan told him to stop studies and enter film industry. Father promised his son that he would give backing to grow him as an actor.

Tej Raj got a camera sense in VISCOM at Loyola College. He still does not know why he joined VISCOM.

Tej Raj’s debut was in a movie titled ‘Lali Lali Arariro’. But his earlier intention was for direction. When he first gave his take shot for the upcoming movie, he was nervous. Tej Raj got his first impression from veteran filmmaker Lingusamy who considers him as ‘hero material’.

Tej Raj gets inspiration from actor Dhanush as he is simple and does natural acting.

Being a Viscom graduate, Tej was considered for next project tiled ‘Jawan’. His father Charan Raj still wants to act in movies if he is given a good script. Actually, Charan Raj wanted his son to become an associate director to Lingusamy but it was Lingu sir who had rejected Charan Raj’s idea. Hope his son Tej Raj would really turn up as a super actor and not a super-hero.