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Richard Rishi, born officially as Richard Sharaf Babu is an Indian film actor. He appears in Tamil and Telugu films. His debut movie was Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari in 1990. Richard was born on 20 October 1977 to Babu and Alice in Thiruvalla. Richard attended Loyola Matriculation School till his 12th standard. He has two younger sisters both famous actresses namely, Shamili and Shalini. His father is from Kollam and mother is a from a Malayali family living in Chennai. The sole reason behind his father’s shifting to Madras was to become an actor. But he fulfilled his dream through his children. Actor Ajith Kumar is his brother-in-law. Though his debut was as a child artist, he had to act across veteran actors like Chiranjeevi, Sridevi, and Amrish Puri Amrish Lal Puri was born on 22nd June, 1932 in Pun >> Read More... in Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari. Again he was cast as a child artist in a Tamil film Anjali in the same year 1990. But he was recognized as an adult actor in Kadhal Virus in 2002. He was the lead and Sridevi Vijaya kumar was the actress he starred across.

The film got out after some delay and failed poorly at the box office. His next movie was Koottu, which tells the story of two college buddies. His character was of Harikrishnan, and the role of his friend Balagopal was done by actor Aravind Akash. It released in May 2004.In 2005, Girivalam a remake of the Bollywood film Humraaz was released. It had Shaam and Tanu Roy She was born on 26 December, 1980 in Hyderabad. Sh >> Read More... along with Rishi. The movie A Film by Aravind made him famous. It came out on July 2005 with the cast being Sherlyn Chopra Sherlyn Chopra is a renowned Bollywood actress, wh >> Read More... and Rajeev Kanakala. It was so well received and that Aravind 2 was made too. In 2006, Naalai was released. It had Singapore actor Sivakumar in a debut role for a guest appearance. The film had been liked for its narration of story-line. The same year came another film, Yuga. Sadly Richard had a lesser role to play, and the film was received mixed reviews. The year 2007 was not good for Rishi. Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw, a Telugu film was released in 2007. It was the remake of Bollywood film Malamal Weekly. It also had Rishi playing a side role.  

Then came the movie Bangaru Konda with actress NavneetKaur. Rishi was not liked by the critics saying he lacked body language skills. The movie also got criticized, but the songs were loved. Maharajasri, is another movie for 2007 came and lost at the box office. Rishi was again criticized for his acting and also the story line was a downer. In 2008, came Veedu Mamoolodu Kadu with Rishi portraying as a villain. Critics praised Rishi for his acting but not the movie. Also, in 2008 came Three in which Rishi was reunited with Director Shekhar Suri from A film by Aravind. Rishi played the role of a next-door-helper guy. The storyline was disliked, but the director tried to keep the audience glued through excellent technical aesthetics. Gita was the movie released in 2009. It was a remake of the Hollywood film “Phone Booth” and had Rishi in the lead as Rahul.

His acting was up to the mark. Also, he acted in Vairam and Thamizhagam in the same year. In 2010 came Dammunnodu, which got unaccepted by the public as well as critics. Also, Rishi’s acting fell below the mark. Also, his next movie Pen Singam not only failed at the content of story but also at his acting. In Uppukandam Brothers Back in Action, Rishi was a side actor and the film received negative reviews. Then came the movie Endukante... Premanta! where Rishi was in again in a small side role but the film was a commercial hit. The story line received mixed reviews, but the cast were praised.The filmUuKodathara?UlikkiPadathara?Was a Telugu socio-fantasy with Rishi in a small insignificant role?

In 2013, the only film that came was Benki Birugali, where Rishi was in the lead as Chandu. It was a Kannada action-comedy film. In 2014, came Ner Ethir, which was a remake of Across the Hall. Ninaithathu Yaaro Click to look into! >> Read More... was a celebrity-packed movie with an insignificant role for Rishi. Then came Avataram, with a God-based story. It was rated only 2.25 out of 5.

The film Netru Indru was not received well. It was termed adult film and so lost many stars in ratings. Sutrulaa thriller movie was also released in 2014 with Rishi in the lead. The film received praise for its thrilling scenes. In the film Adavi Kaachina Vennela Click to look into! >> Read More... , Rishi, Arvind Krishna Arvind Krishna is an eminent cinematographer, prod >> Read More... , Meenakshi Dixit Meenakshi Dixit is an actress and a dancer well kn >> Read More... and Pooja Ramachandran Pooja Ramachandran is a famous actress, VJ, and mo >> Read More... were in the lead. The dialogue, cinematography, and music were praised. The film Maharani Kottai Click to look into! >> Read More... came in 2015. Adhibar was an action film released in the same year. The plot was based on a true story that happened in SriLanka. Rishi was in a minor role. The films Rendavathu Padamand Pazhaya Vannarapettaiare yet to be released. In 2012, Rishi got engaged with Sathyalakshmi, the granddaughter of poet and lyricist Kannadasan.


Born: 4 March 1985

Age Now 39

Kaali Venkat - (Comedian)

Born: 4 March 1990

Age Now 34

Niran Chander - (Cinematographer)


Born: 3 March 1958

Age Now 66

Latha Rajinikanth - (Producer)

Born: 3 March 1992

Age Now 32

Shubha Raksha - (Movie Actress)

Born: 3 March 1997

Age Now 27

Divyank S - (Cinematographer)

Born: 2 March 1983

Age Now 41

Ravi Krishna - (Movie Actor)

Born: 2 March 1963

Age Now 61

Vidhya Sagar - (Music Director)

Born: 2 March 1918

Lived For 64 Years

Ranjan - (Movie Actor)