Judge Is A Profession Where They Need To Correct The Faults Of The Contestants

A judge is a profession where they need to correct the faults of the contestants. Their job is to inspect and find the weakness among the contestant and recorrect it. Judges do have the same role but in different fields. As in the dancing field, they will rectify if any move or expression that went wrong.

Whereas in a singing field, they will find any incorrect musical note or tempo which went wrong. Likewise, they have different areas to judge in which they expertise. A judge is like a “GURU” for the contestants. They have to teach the contestant every time they commit a mistake. They need to not only correct the faults of the contestants, but also encourage them to move ahead.

They need to be very supportive of their words. A judge needs to know how to motivate them when they need it the most. Their personalities should be very kind and gentle as well as strict when needed.

They are the ones to choose the best among the contestants. A Judge gives scores according to the performance of the candidate, which means they need to be fair with all the contestants. A judge should be honest as well as unbiased.