Sajo Sundar is a commercial filmmaker. He is a new face in the Tamil film industry, his first movie as a director got released in June 2018. Sajo Sundar has had a tough journey in his career, but he finally made his dream come true. Before getting into the direction, he was a businessman. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, his business failed due to financial problems, and later he got into filmmaking.

He took birth in Kallidaikurichi, a small village in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. He tried his hands in cinema, in his initial days' people encouraged him due to his amazing story-telling skills. After some time, Sajo Sundar collaborated with the scriptwriter, Ashok Kumar.

Sundar became his assistant director for a film. It was his first breakthrough in the industry. After becoming an assistant director, Sundar contributed to a lot of movies such as Bangalore Naatkal, Kanagavel Kaakka, and Singam. Bangalore Naatkal got released in 2016 and directed by Bommarilllu Bhaskar. It was a remake of Telugu hit, Bangalore Days and featured Rana Dagubatti, Samantha, etc.

Sundar also worked under director Hari and was an associate director in projects of filmmaker Prakash Raj. After gaining experience in filmmaking as an assistant director, Sundar stepped out to direct his independent movie. He wanted to make an entertaining and commercial blockbuster. The idea of his first film, X Videos, came from a short clip that he watched on the internet.

The video had his friend’s wife in an obscene position. He did his research about several other incidents same as this. Sundar made up his mind to make a commercial film on cybercrime, and harassment of privacy. In 2018, X Videos hit the theatres with an A (Adult) certificate. It dealt with social awareness against cybercrime, and pornography. The movie got well received for the concept, and the critics lauded Sundar’s work.

It became a bilingual film and got shot in Hindi as well. The profit of X Videos helped in the donation by Sajo Sundar. The director stated that he wanted to help the nation by constructing toilets, especially for women. He made this film only to spread awareness.

The censor board tried to cut a few scenes from X Videos, but eventually, it refrained from doing so, and the movie got released on the silver screen with an A certificate. Sundar aspired to make more projects in the future and has a few ideas sketched up.