NJ Saravanan Tamil Actor

NJ Saravanan is an Indian-origin director who predominantly works in the Tamil and Telugu film industry. He has directed several hit films like Vishesham, Mookuthi Ammari, etc. In 2020, he directed the movie Mookuthi Amman. R.J. Balaji and N.J. Saravanan directed the film, and R.J.Balaji and K.N. Vijay Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vijay Kumar wrote the storyline for the film. Girish Gopalkrishnan composed music for the film, and it starred Nayanthara, RJ Balaji RJ Balaji is the famous name of Balaji Patturaj. H >> Read More... RJ Balaji , Urvashi, Smruthi Venkat Smruthi Venkat is an Indian model and actress who >> Read More... Smruthi Venkat , Madhu Mailankodi, Mouli, Ajay Ghosh Ajay Gosh is an Indian actor who works in the Telu >> Read More... Ajay Ghosh , Sarithiran, Manobala, Mayilsamy, Indhuja Ravichandran, etc. Dinesh Krishnan Dinesh Krishnan is one of the famous cinematograph >> Read More... Dinesh Krishnan managed the cinematography department, and Selva Rk edited the film. Dilshan, Sulthan Ibrahim, Jagadeesh, A.M.Rahmathulla, Vijay Rathinam India is a more than billion strong nation but the >> Read More... Vijay Rathinam , and G.Sreesan managed the sound department, and Jayaram Balasubramanian, Girish Gopalkrishnan, and A.M. Rahmathulla managed the music department. The film's story revolves around Engels Ramasamy.

He is a simple ordinary reporter who lives with his single mother, grandparents, and sisters in Nagercoil. Engels faces difficulty getting married because he comes from a low-income family and his father abandoned him and the family. One day, the family decides to visit Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati. But, they somehow cancel that plan and instead decideS to visit their ancestral goddess temple Mookuthi Amman to seek good luck. As soon as they visit the temple, they see that temple's building has become old and rusted. So, they decide to clean the temple and stay there for a night. While they were asleep, Mookuthi Amman appears in human form, but she is only visible to Engels as he is god's child. Mookuthi Amman decides to help the family but, in return asks Engels that he has to popularize the temple. Then, a series of events take place that popularizes the temple, and Mookuthi Amman fulfills Engels and his family's wishes.

Because they all were honest and truthful. She also helped Engels in getting his family together. In 2022, he directed Veetla Vishesham. RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan directed the film, and Akshat Ghildial Akshat Ghiladial is an Indian-Writer. Apart from b >> Read More... Akshat Ghildial , Shantanu Srivastava Shantanu is an acclaimed dialogue writer widely kn >> Read More... Shantanu Srivastava , and Naveen Bhaskar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Naveen Bhaskar wrote the storyline for the film. Boney Kapoor Achal Kapoor or Boney Kapoor is a very famous Indi >> Read More... Boney Kapoor and Raahul produced the movie, and it starred RJ Balaji, Sathyaraj, Urvashi, Aparna Balamurali Aparna Balamurali is an actress in Indian cinema w >> Read More... Aparna Balamurali , and K.P.A.C. Lalitha. Karthik Muthukumar Karthik Muthukumar is an Indian-origin cinematogra >> Read More... Karthik Muthukumar managed the cinematography department, and Selva R.K. edited the film. Girish Gopalkrishnan composed music for the film, and Lin Li, A.M. Rahmathulla, and Vijay Rathinam managed the sound department. The film's plot revolves around Elango. He is all flustered listening to his middle-aged mother's pregnancy. The entire situation impacts his relationship with his girlfriend. His parents also have to go through a lot, society's taunts and ill talks. It made things even worse for them.