Rasu Madhuravan was a talented, hard-working, vibrant Indian Tamil and Malayalam film director. The particular contributions of the talented director and writer came in the Tamil movies. He was in Manikandan in the year 1969 in Mettupatti, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu. He died on 9 July 2013 at a very young age of 44 in Chennai. He was an Indian Film Screen Writer and director. He has worked dominantly in Tamil Film industry and keeps coming up with some gratifying work. He was the father of one of the most famous producers of Tamil and Hindi movies, namely Poomagal Oorvalam, which was his directorial debut.

He was an Indian film director and TV professional with more than seven years work experience in film writing, film direction, television fiction writing, event direction, reality show direction, creative management, novel writing, cinematic teaching, film making, and short fiction film making. He was a talented creative producer and still had got a lot in him to justify. Being an Indian Tamil Film Director, his specialties are in action, comedy, and drama. Before doing original movies, he worked in several documentaries and short films. This director and producer were so famous that some major directors worked as an assistant director to him.

In the beginning, Madhuravan joined as an assistant director with Manivannan and later started his debut ""Manamagal Thevai"" with actors and film stars like Jayaram and Devayani, but the film was dropped after only recording songs. He has directed more than six films in different languages like Tamil and Malayalam. He was the brother of the film director namely Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... Mani Ratnam and film producer G Venkateswaran. Srinivasan G has worked in all-time favorite movies like Muthukku Muthaaga (2011), Pandi Oli Perukki Nilayam (2012). He announced his next project called Mike set Panda, which was changed as Pandi Oli Perukki Nilayam, which became a big flop at the box office. Srinivasan G's last film to hit the theatres was Indra Sena in the year 2017.

He is supervised by his daughters - Shreya and twins Divya and Akshaya and his wife, Sandhya. Apart from mainstream Tamil cinema, Srinivasan has been credited for leading a large number of TV shows. Madhuaravan died at the young age of 44 on 9 July 2013 due to throat cancer. The world was not at ease on his unauspicious, unfateful death ay the age of 73 in the year 2007. This death of him was seen as an event of grief. He is survived by his late wife Bhavani and his two daughters Nesika and Anishka."