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R Madhan Kumar

R. Madhan Kumar is a Tamil film director. He made his debut with, ‘Yaaruda Mahesh,' a Tamil comedy-thriller movie. This is the film which made him famous. Kumar also wrote this movie. 'Yaaruda Mahesh' starred Sundeep Kishan, Dimple Chopade, and Jagan in the lead role. Supporting the lead were Srinath, Livingston, Uma Padmanaban, Swaminathan, Singamuthu and Nellai Siva. "The film is about the search for an unknown character called ‘Mahesh.' Who is Mahesh and why the hero is in search of him, forms the crux of the plot” Kumar said that in an interview.  Red Studios and Colour Frames produced the motion film. Gopi Sunder composed its soundtrack and background score while Raana handled the cinematography of the movie. The film was shot around Chennai and Kerala. Kumar believes that the success of any director making a debut is set on the content of their film. He further added, referring to the recent successes of many debutant directors, that their movies did well because of their content. Casting is not as important as quality content. The days of films being made only for star actors are long gone. However, he does admit that content-rich films also fall flat at the box office sometimes."It is important to adapt to the changing style of filmmaking. Even films with good content fail at times because of several reasons. One of the most common reasons is the lack of innovation in presentation," he said. Kumar believes in entertaining the audience. The audience comes to the movies to be entertained. A good movie will not only entertain the audience but also flourish at the box office. Kumar has used the same formula for his directorial debut. However, that did not quite work out, considering the below average reception of the movie. It was only an average hit at the box office. It has also been criticized as a poorly executed adult movie. However, Kumar's ideology about content can be refreshing for Tamil cinema, which has become increasingly dependent on star casting, rather than real content or good plots. His perspective can surely impact the direction Tamil cinema takes in the future. It is significant that Tamil cinema keeps in pace with the rapidly changing global trends to remain relevant. Young directors like Kumar bring new hope to the face of Tamil cinema.

R Madhan Kumar Tamil Actor