R.B. Gurudev is a notable cinematographer of Tamil films. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He has been an apprentice to Jeeva, a renowned cinematographer, and film director. In 2009, he donned the film, TN 07 AL 4777, but he was officially debuted as a cinematographer in Subramaniam Siva’s action drama film, Yogi. He usually received praises and commendations for his excellent work and most of the films he worked on normally earned commercial success. He also received acclaim from a critic for his cinematography in K. Manigandan’s 2010 romance film, Chikku Bukku.

It was noted that when he pans his camera with style, it brings an excellent visual treat and that he is truly a product of Jeeva. In 2013, Gurudev has also worked in the cinematography of Ameer Sultan’s neo-noir action film, Aadhi Bhagavan. Once again, a critic has praised his exceptional work in the film and noted that aside from the scenic view in Goa or Mumbai, his cinematography is an absolute treat to the eye. The following year, another critic described his cinematography in Karthik Rishi’s romantic thriller film, Megha, as one of the few bright spots of the film. Gurudev is also involved in the making of Raghava Lawrence’s blockbuster horror comedy film, Kanchana (2015).

He has completed about 80% of the film’s shoot, but due to some delays, he couldn’t make it till the end since he is already committed to the making of Yuvaraj Bose’s Tamil action film, Irumbu Kuthirai Click to look into! >> Read More... Irumbu Kuthirai . Lawrence decided to look for another cinematographer. Also in 2015, he worked on the cinematography of G. Manikandan’s comedy film, 144. The last film he worked on was in Ramana Madhesh’s horror film, Mohini.