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R. B. Gurudev Tamil Actor

R. B. Gurudev

R.B. Gurudev is a notable cinematographer of Tamil films. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He has been an apprentice to Jeeva, a renowned cinematographer, and film director. In 2009, he donned the film, TN 07 AL 4777, but he was officially debuted as a cinematographer in Subramaniam Siva’s action drama film, Yogi. He usually received praises and commendations for his excellent work and most of the films he worked on normally earned commercial success. He also received acclaim from a critic for his cinematography in K. Manigandan’s 2010 romance film, Chikku Bukku. It was noted that when he pans his camera with style, it brings an excellent visual treat and that he is truly a product of Jeeva. In 2013, Gurudev has also worked in the cinematography of Ameer Sultan’s neo-noir action film, Aadhi Bhagavan. Once again, a critic has praised his exceptional work in the film and noted that aside from the scenic view in Goa or Mumbai, his cinematography is an absolute treat to the eye. The following year, another critic described his cinematography in Karthik Rishi’s romantic thriller film, Megha, as one of the few bright spots of the film. Gurudev is also involved in the making of Raghava Lawrence’s blockbuster horror comedy film, Kanchana (2015). He has completed about 80% of the film’s shoot, but due to some delays, he couldn’t make it till the end since he is already committed to the making of Yuvaraj Bose’s Tamil action film, Irumbu Kuthirai. Lawrence decided to look for another cinematographer. Also in 2015, he worked on the cinematography of G. Manikandan’s comedy film, 144. The last film he worked on was in Ramana Madhesh’s horror film, Mohini.


Shaji Kumar

The camera being his life, Shaji Kumar has spent his life working behind the lens. A cinematographer with wild ideas and styles of his own, makes this man a true gem. He has targeted and gave blockbuster movies to Kollywood and Mollywood. Born in Kochi, Kerala, he started his professional career by using the lens of his camera for capturing the scenes written in scripts in Malayalam. He has spent many hours working with leading filmmakers like Shaji Kailas, Joshi, Vinayan and Vysakh and has learned from their styles and techniques to manage projects in Kollywood. He now has extended his work with the renowned hero in Tollywood actor Prashanth for the project ‘Saagasam’ in 2016. He has received laurels and applause for the movie ‘Ponnar Shankar’ in 2011 and also for shooting 'Mambattiyan' in 2011 and lately 'Saagasam' in 2016. His films include 'Uthaman' in 2001, directed by Anil Babu starring Jayaram and Sindhu Menon. Then comes 'Valkannadi' in 2002, directed by Anil Babu. He worked with Anil Babu again on 'Pakalppooram' in 2002, with VM Vinu on the movie 'Kanmashi' in 2002, and 'Ammakilikkoodu' in 2003, directed by M.Padmakumar. He worked on movies like 'Pattanathil Sundaran' in 2003, directed by Vipin Mohan, 'Njan Salperu Ramankutty' in 2004, directed by Anil Babu, 'Vellinakshatram' in 2004, directed by Vinayan, and with director Vinayan on 'Sathyam' in 2004, 'Vesham' in 2004, directed by VM Vinu, also under the movie 'Yes Your Honor' in 2006 with the same director. With the famous Shaji Kalidas, he has done a film called 'Baba Kalyani' in 2006. He had the opportunity to work with Janardhanan, and the Malayalam hit actor Mohanlal in 'Mahasamudram' in 2006 and with Joshiy, under the name Nasrani in 2007. With Johnny Antony, he has worked for the film ‘Cycle’ in 2008 and much more. He has tasted the essence of work through many leading actors and directors in Malayalam. He deems himself as a perfectionist of directing and mastering his perception behind the lens which later earned him his name amidst the Hall of Fame forever. He has worked hard to earn this place and is still earning his way to the top to produce many blockbusters. His films have a unique style which was inspired from his experiences. Few films like 'Ponnar Shankar' and 'Mambattiyan' have hit the blockbusters and remains for ages in the hearts of the people. He has created a new aspect of films and coaxed many minds into the field of cinema.

Shaji Kumar Tamil Actor