The camera being his life, Shaji Kumar has spent his life working behind the lens. A cinematographer with wild ideas and styles of his own, makes this man a true gem. He has targeted and gave blockbuster movies to Kollywood and Mollywood. Born in Kochi, Kerala, he started his professional career by using the lens of his camera for capturing the scenes written in scripts in Malayalam. He has spent many hours working with leading filmmakers like Shaji Kailas, Joshi, Vinayan and Vysakh and has learned from their styles and techniques to manage projects in Kollywood. He now has extended his work with the renowned hero in Tollywood actor Prashanth for the project ‘ Saagasam’ in 2016. He has received laurels and applause for the movie ‘Ponnar Shankar’ in 2011 and also for shooting 'Mambattiyan' in 2011 and lately 'Saagasam' in 2016.

His films include 'Uthaman' in 2001, directed by Anil Babu starring Jayaram and Sindhu Menon. Then comes ' Valkannadi' in 2002, directed by Anil Babu. He worked with Anil Babu again on 'Pakalppooram' in 2002, with VM Vinu on the movie 'Kanmashi' in 2002, and 'Ammakilikkoodu' in 2003, directed by M.Padmakumar. He worked on movies like 'Pattanathil Sundaran' in 2003, directed by Vipin Mohan, 'Njan Salperu Ramankutty' in 2004, directed by Anil Babu, 'Vellinakshatram' in 2004, directed by Vinayan, and with director Vinayan on 'Sathyam' in 2004, 'Vesham' in 2004, directed by VM Vinu, also under the movie 'Yes Your Honor' in 2006 with the same director. With the famous Shaji Kalidas, he has done a film called 'Baba Kalyani' in 2006.

He had the opportunity to work with Janardhanan, and the Malayalam hit actor Mohanlal in ' Mahasamudram' in 2006 and with Joshiy, under the name Nasrani in 2007. With Johnny Antony, he has worked for the film ‘ Cycle’ in 2008 and much more. He has tasted the essence of work through many leading actors and directors in Malayalam. He deems himself as a perfectionist of directing and mastering his perception behind the lens which later earned him his name amidst the Hall of Fame forever. He has worked hard to earn this place and is still earning his way to the top to produce many blockbusters. His films have a unique style which was inspired from his experiences. Few films like 'Ponnar Shankar' and 'Mambattiyan' have hit the blockbusters and remains for ages in the hearts of the people. He has created a new aspect of films and coaxed many minds into the field of cinema.

K.S. Selvaraj

K S Selvaraj is a director of photography. He predominantly works with the Tamil film industry. He did two projects as Killadi in the year 2015 and Palakattu Madhavan in the year 2015. He did Killadi on January 30 and in the year 2015. It's run time is two hours and twelve minutes. It has a genre of romance and action. Cast and crew include here as Delhi Ganesh, Avinash, Vivek, Bharath Srinivasan, Meera Chopra, Roja, Ilavarasu, O A K Sundar, V T Vijayan, Srikanth Deva, Yugabharathi, Mohana Mahendran, A Venkatesh, Vincent Asokan, Venniradai Moorthy, Pattukkottai Prabhakar, Salem Chandrashekhran, Vaali, KS Selvaraj and many more. Salem Chandrasekharan is the producer in it. Srikanth Deva is the music director. V T Vijayan is the editor. A Venkatesh is the director of this project. Vivek is the comedian. Meera Chopra and Bharath Srinivasan have done the lead roles in it. Mohana Mahendran is the art director. Yuhabharathi and Vaali is the editor. KS Selvaraj has done the direction in photography. Its album has launched on March 24 and in the year 2013. It has released in Prasad Labs. It is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. It has five tracks in it. These are Ekka Chakka-female by Surmukhi, Mama ai by Rita, Sakkapodu by Ranjith, Nee Rangikkari by Velmurugan and Ekka Chakka by Jithin. Pattukkottai Prabhakar is the story writer. Selvaraj did another venture as Pattukkottai Madhavan as a director of photography. Its release date is July 3 and in the year 2015. It's run time is two hours and twenty-one minutes. It has a genre like comedy, romance, and drama. Cast and crew include as Swaminathan, Aarthi Ganeshkar, Vivek, Sonia Agarwal, K Bhagyaraj, Manobala, Rajendran, Imman Annachi, Anirudh Ravichander, Singamuthu, Pandu, Srikanth Deva, Sriram Parthasarathy, Gangai Amaran, KS Selvaraj, Surmukhi Raman, M Chandramohan, K Rajagopal, Cell Murugan, Ilaya Kamban and many more. M Chandramohan is the director. Srikanth Deva is the music director. Kuruvanna Basheer is the producer. It has four tracks. These are Uchi Mela Uchi Mela by Anirudh Ravichander, Eppadi Irundhen by Gangai Amaran, Sandhoshame Endrum by Sriram Parthasarathy, and Kannan Pol Unnai by Sormukhi. It has distributed by SSS Entertainment and JA Lawrence. It shot in the Tamil language. 

K.S. Selvaraj Tamil Actor