Rajan P Dev, a Malayalam stage and cinema actor bid adieu to film world, theatre, at the age of 58. His association with theatre gave a new lease of life to Kerala theatre, and he had been in the forefront in reviving the mainstream theatre in Kerala, which was in a bad shape then. When the performance style in theaters became stale, he brought back the audience again to the theater. This could happen just because as a theatre personality, Rajan P. Dev was confidence personified. Industry sources felt that his rude face of a villain was Dev’s plus point. Even at the age of 20, when he acted in plays, he could portray the character of 60-year old.

This versatility was seen in a play ’Kattukuthira’ when he played the character of ‘Kochuvava’, which was screened by Suryasoma Theatres. When the play was remade into a film titled ’Kattukuthira’, he did not get a chance to portray the same character that went to Thilakan. Due to this, Dev had shown disappointment and understanding his sentiment, he got a chance to play the identical character of Kochuvava in a film’ Indrajalam’, starring Mohanlal. He was cast in a villain role of Carlos. This character shot him to fame, and he was considered as the ultimate villain of Malayalam cinema.

Later on, he was just type cast in the villain role, and he could not get out such image. Theatre was something he and his sister Rani were associated since childhood. He was greatly influenced by his father’s talent in the theater that inspired him to write, direct and even act in plays from childhood. His signature villain roles helped him to expand his career in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films too. Out of 150 films that he had acted so far, he was typecast as a police officer in 35 films. He was born on May 29, 1951, in Alappuzha district and passed away on July 29,2009, in Kochi.

Spadikam George

Spadikam George is an Indian actor in the Malayalam film industry. He was born at Changanassery, Kottayam in Kerala. Spadikam George is popular among his Malayali audience for his prominent roles as villain and police officer. George became "Spadikam" George after the release of his blockbuster movie "Spadikam" in the year 1995. His role as an antagonist opposite to "Complete actor" Mohanlal, recognized his style and fetched him good reviews all over. However, he did not get another chance for any author-backed roles but instead acted in comic ones which were also important. Spagikam George has been in the Malayalam industry since 1992. Even documentaries have approached him for prominent roles. "Messenger," a short film was one of his famous roles produced by De Paul Public School. The Vincentian family in Kottayam was the owner of this project, and they invested just ₹1 lakh for the entire film. Luckily, through the advertisements, the movie made about ₹5 lakh from only a single telecast in December 2011 on Jeevan TV. George, having needed only four days of the shoot, was paid about ₹40,000. He is also famous for the role as Thomas Vazhakkali, a police officer in the blockbuster movie “Pathram.” George married Thresiamma, and they have five children Anu, Ashwathi, Anjali, Ajo, and Anju. The family lives in Bengaluru. In 2015, unfortunately, George was diagnosed with kidney failure and had been undergoing dialysis in a hospital in Chalakudy as both of his kidneys have failed to work. Adding to the woes, his wife Thresiamma was diagnosed with cancer. Spadikam George has also acted in television serials like Snehanjali in 2000, Nilavum Nakshtrangalum in 2017 and CBI Diary in 2018. Some of his famous movies include "Mayavi," "Lelam," "Vazhunnor," "Mayamohini," and many more. Amrita TV's interactive cookery show, Annie's Kitchen invited Spadikam George for one episode. In this show hosted by former actress Annie, Spadikam George revealed that his experiences in acting were heartwarming and also about his relationship with his family. Owing to his health issues and a long span of work in the field, Spadikam George decided to take a break from work. The veteran actor was also invited as a celebrity guest to judge in "Comedy Stars," an amusing reality show for upcoming comedians. In this show, the actor who mostly plays negative characters revealed that he is, in fact, a gospeller and a religious person in real life. He also has an interest in playing character roles on screen.

Spadikam George Malayalam Actor