Ranjith Raj Malayalam Actor

Ranjith Raj is a young and famous Malayalam actor and television artist. His birthday falls on March 15. He has immense experience in working with the Malayalam film industry. He has also been a part of modeling projects. He is an alumnus of the GVHSS Kannur High School. He also had the chance to study at Vidhyanikethan College under the MG University. His hometown is Kannur. His mother, TT Usha, is also an actress. He has a sister who lives in a foreign country. Ranjith lives in Kochi. He has a degree in the field of Marine Technology. He is currently engaged. He looks handsome in a rugged appearance. He looks even more attractive when he has a beard. He can even sport stubble. He is very humble.

He treats his fans like they are his friends. He likes to share all his life events with them. He is also well-known for his friendly behavior with the other staff and members of the film fraternity. He is currently working on a movie. The name of the movie is Kinginikoottam. He is acting in the project since January 20. His most popular role is that of the character James in the TV series Autograph AUTOGRAPH (FIVE FINGERS) is a serial that revolves >> Read More... Autograph . Amongst his numerous movies, ‘ Dial 1091 Click to look into! >> Read More... Dial 1091 ’, ‘Akashagalil’ and ‘Aiyathe Ishtamayi’ are his famous works. Ranjith started off his career in the film industry working as an Assistant Director. His acting debut began with the TV show Kanyadanam which made its broadcast on Surya TV. Once he got a break in ‘Autograph’ as James, he became extremely popular. He became a household name.

When he is not acting in movies and TV shows, he utilizes his time to appear in reality shows on TV, like ‘Sundari Eeyum Sundharan Njanum’. The previously mentioned TV show is a reality show that hosts dance and music contests for established TV actors and actresses. He has also been a part of fascinating ventures like Hridayam Sakshi Hridhyam Sakshi is a television serial telecasted >> Read More... Hridayam Sakshi , Chandralekha, and Megha Sandesham. Apart from acting, he also has a boundless interest in sports. He enjoys playing cricket. He is an excellent and skilled cricket player. He makes it a point to watch professional cricket despite his busy schedule. He always tries his best to view the Ranji Trophy live whenever it is possible. In politics, he was a supporter of the deceased Amma, Jayalalitha. Due to his good looks and charming personality, Ranjith has a strong fan following especially all the females. The male members look up to him as an idol and inspiration.