Anwar Ali (also known as Anvar Ali) is a multitalented Indian Poet, lyricist and documentary filmmaker, born on July 1, 1966, in Trivandrum. The artist has made an enormous contribution in poems and poetic studies in leading literary journals and periodicals since 1984. His work in poetry is well known and has translated into various Indian and foreign languages.

Also, his poetic work is included in the several Malayalam anthologies and postmodern work. The famous Japanese work Totto-Chan was translated into English by him. He has written several documentaries and films including MARGAM, SAASTHRA KOUTHUKAM, to name a few. His documentary MARGAM won the Kerala State film award.

Vyasan Edavanakkad Malayalam Actor

Vyasan Edavanakkad

Vyasan Edavanakkad is a story writer in movies who predominantly works for Malayalam movies. He started his journey in the film industry with the film ‘Indriyam’ which was a 2000 Malayalam horror film directed by George Kithu. The film was about a group of college friends enacted by Vikram, Vani Viswanath, Nishanth Sagar, and Boban Alummoodan who entered a haunted forest. The writer Vyasan Edavanakkad had excellent support of the screenplay, and dialogue writer B Jayachandran who creditably wrote the screenplay which develops the vendetta plot convincingly. In the same year, the film was dubbed into Tamil with the title 'Manthira Kotta.' In the year 2011, Vyasan Edavanakkadu wrote the story of  Bipin Prabhakar's movie 'Metro' which was produced by Dileep. For this movie, the writer clubbed three stories into one plot. The first story revolved around the murder of a young politician, which was being investigated actor Sharath Kumar. The second plot of the movie narrated the story of an IT girl who was being chased by a group of gangsters. And finally, the third plot was about a group of friends who worked in the Gulf and visited a place in Kerala to travel. This film was dubbed in Tamil and released in Tamil as Thennindian during December 2015. In the year 2015, Vyaasan Edavanakadu turned into a producer for the Malayalam movie 'Avatharam.' Joshiy, was the director of this film, and it was co-produced by Dileep K Kunnath. Vyaasan Edavanakadu wrote the screenplay, and he also wrote the story of the movie. This film stars Dileep and Lakshmi Menon in lead roles. For the movie 'Avatharam,' Dileep plays the role of an educated youth who comes to Idukki when his brother died. But when he wanted to get the life insurance claim of his deceased brother, he found it difficult to get the death claim. Here he meets staff of the insurance company or the heroine of the movie Lakshmi Meno, and Dileep kills therapists. Dileep again murders someone else in the film. Later, Dileep and Lakshmi go back to the village and live happily. The film didn’t do well at the box office. The film was written and directed by Joshiy. Later on, writer Edavanakkad wrote the screenplay and dialogues for the film 'Saddam Sivan' a Dileep`s impactful action film in Malayalam. Actress Hansika Motwani, who was active in Tamil and Telugu movie made her Malayalam debut with this movie. It is also directed by Joshiy. In the year 2016, Vyasan Edavanakkad, who has made a mark in the industry as a scenarist and producer, announced that he is going direct a movie. The film was to be produced by 44 Films, and Hari Nair was chosen to be the cinematographer for the movie, and two actors Manikantan and Vijay babu were finalized to play the lead roles.  Hence, we can say Vyasan Edavanakkad who was the scriptwriter of films like 'Indriyam,' 'Metro,' and 'Avatharam' and had donned a new hat in his career. Vyaasan Edavanakadu is also the online producer of the upcoming movie 'Ira' which is getting released in February 2019. The film has Unni Mukundan and Gokul Suresh Gopi in lead roles, Saiju S.S. is the director of the movie and Vysakh is the producer.