Janani Ranjan is an actor. She was born in India. She mainly works with the Malayalam and Tamil Industry. She has Indian Nationality. She had appeared in the cinema various times. Janani has received the appreciation for her acting. Janani Ranjan Was born in Tamil Nadu and India. She gave his best assistant at the time of his starting career. Janani has well versed with the screenplay writing story writing and dialogue writing. Apart from the Malayalam industry, she did movies in some other languages too. She has worked with several artists. She works with the actors with versatile performance. She did multiple movie projects in line. She has well known for project Saaga, and Vanaavil Vaazakai. She did Vanaavil Vaazakai in the year 2015. Its release date is March 13 and year is 2015. It has a genre comedy and drama.

It's run time is two hours and thirty minutes. Cast and crew list include as per given pieces of information is Durga Prasad, Janani Ranjan, Harish Raghavendra, James Vasanthan, Ilaiyaraaja, Radhika George, Yugabharathi, Sandeep Kumar, Shivi Sharon, Jithin Raj, Jose Selvaraj, Cassandra Rachel Premji, Sai Shankar. Others are VJ Sabu Joseph, Umesh Kumar, RK Prathap, Rashina Adiraj, Sumathi Sri and Many More. James Vasanthan is the Director and music director. Josh Selvaraj and Jithin Raj did the lead roles in it. Umesh Kumar is the Art Director. RK Prathap is the director of photography. Rashina Adiraj is the executive producer. Durga Prasad is the sound effect designer. Ilaiyaraaja has given his voice to tracks. Some new actors have given their best performances.

It shot in the Tamil language. She did another project Sagaa in the year 2019. It's run time is two hours and two minutes. It has a genre of crime, action, and romance. Its release date is February 1 and the year is 2019. The cast and crew for it are Janan Ranjan, Neeraja, Naresh Iyer Naresh Iyer is once again a popular face, but main >> Read More... Naresh Iyer , Ravi Venkataraman, Kishore Jayaram Kishore was born in the year 1974 in Karnataka. Ba >> Read More... Kishore Jayaram , Hariharan, Sathish Krishnan Sathish Krishnan has worked in the Tamil Industry >> Read More... Sathish Krishnan , Prithvi Rajan Prithvi Rajan is the son of famous Tamil actor and >> Read More... Prithvi Rajan , Sheriff Maiden, Sandy, Rita, Sree Raam Sree Ram is born on 1 May 1996. His age is 20 year >> Read More... Sree Raam , , Gita GUrappa, Shabir, MUrugesh, Saran, and Many More. R Selvekumar and Ram Prasath is the producer. Niran Chander is the choreographer. Murugesh is the director. Sree Raam, Prithvi Rajan, and Saran did the lead roles in it. Niran Chander is also the director of photography. Sri Urumanathar Pictures is the distributor of the film. Nikhil Murugan is the public Relationship Officer. Gatha Kumar is the title designer.