Abhirami Suresh is a rising star in the movie industry. She started off in the media and entertainment industry by anchoring in shows and acting in children’s serials, while she was still making a name for herself in the modeling industry. Her acting career started off early, as she was a child acting in the 100 episode long Malayalam serial titled . A renowned director saw her potential and talent, and decided to give her a chance to act in movies. Her debut film in the Malayalam film industry was ‘Beware of Dogs’, and this was the stunning actress’ turning point in her career. She played the lead role in the film, and from her performance she has catapulted in the film industry. Abhirami’s talent has not gone unnoticed, attracting the attention of two reputable directors, Hashim Marikar, who gave her the opportunity to work in his Malayalam film Kelvi. S.S. Kumaran and another reputable director from the Tamil film industry, who offered her the chance to work in his film, Kerala Nattilam.

Beyond her acting talent, she can also sing, and in her free time she composes poetry and spends time reading books that generate great interest to her. Abhirami is in for a great future in the film industry with the kind of talent that she is portraying, and presently, she is making waves that are being noticed by the who’s who in the industry to help her career skyrocket.