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Kundara Johny is an actor who has been mainly associated with Malayalam cinema. A veteran actor from Malayalam movie, had enthralled the audience for over three and a half decades by doing villain roles in Mollywood.  Although, he had appeared in Tamil cinema, his portrayal in Malayalam cinema has surpassed talents of many superstars in Mollywood. His breakthrough came when the film ‘Kireedam’ had got released, for which he got more acclaim than even Mohanlal.  In a scene, when he attacks the actor Mohanlal, the scene was brilliantly performed by Kundara Johny, in another famous Malayalam movie ‘Chenkol’, a sequel to ‘Kireedam’, which had depicted another version of Mohan Lal after his prison term, Kundara Johny was seen totally as a reformed person.

Both the films had two different characters and the actor did total justice as a rowdy and a restrained person.  He also acted in Tamil movies such as Vazhkai Chakkram and Nadigan. After 2013, it could be that he had taken a back seat in signing any new projects, but whatever he had achieved, counts a lot. This actor was born in Kollam as the eleventh child in his family. At college level, he was a good football player. He was sales personnel in Pondicherry Papers Ltd, before making his move in the film industry. At the age of 23, he got his first break in Malayalam movie for his muscled-body.  His look also had matched the character of the villains of Malayalam cinema.

In his first film he had portrayed character of 55 year old man when he was just 23. This had surprised the industry and there was no looking back for him. He was the most sought-after villain in Mollywood. Even after achieving fame and name from movies, he still prefers to live in Kollam.  He is married to Dr.Stella, and they have son and daughter, named Achu and Ashima.  Besides movies, he is also an active member of different clubs who do charity services such as Lions Club, Red Cross Society, Boat Club etc.


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