Sanju Sivaram Malayalam Actor
Other Skills
    - Supporting Actor
    - Movie-Actor

Sanju Sivaram is an actor, famous in the Malayalam film circuit. As a lead actor, he made his debut on the silver screen, in 2014, with the film ‘ 1983 Click to look into! >> Read More... 1983 ’. The next movie he starred in was ‘Beware of Dogs’ in the year 2014. His debut in the film industry was in the comedy thriller film ‘Nee Ko Njaa Cha’ released in the year 2013, directed by Gireesh.

His film ‘Omega.exe’ released in 2013, and it was directed by Binoy George. ‘Good Bad and Ugly’ directed by VR Rathish also released in 2013. ‘A Friday’ released in the year 2014, directed by MC Within. In all he has done more than 10 films now and all have been above average grocers.

This year, in 2016, two of his Malayalam films were released, one of which was ‘Monsoon Mangoes’, it is a Malayalam comedy film written and directed by . It is about the struggle, success and failures of a film director, in which Sivaram acted as a supporting cast. The second film was ‘Hello Namasthe’ , in which he has played the lead role. The film has been directed by Jayan K Nair. The movie depicts how ego takes over the friendship of two radio hosts Madhav and Jerry. Sanju played the role of one of the two radio hosts, RJ Jerry.

He also appeared on the Kappa TV Star Jam which came in various parts. Not much is known about Sanju's personal life except that he attended Chinmaya Vidyalaya and South City College for his education.