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Saikumar is a renowned Malayalam actor born in Kollam district of Kerala. Born to actor father Kottakaram Sreedharan Nair, he married Prasanna Kumari in the year 1988. After ten years long marriage he divorced her, making Actress Bindu Panicker his wife in the year 2009. However, his previous marriage did not end on good terms facing a lot of legal difficulties. He also had a daughter, Vaishnavi with Prasanna Kumari. His ex- wife had also blamed actress Bindu on worsening their marriage.

This personal drama has indeed inked his career, but his films are still being acknowledged. SaiKumar has popularly played serious roles and villain characters in Malayalam films. Primarily commencing his film journey with a few comedy characters, he made a gradual shift to the famous villainous genre. Making his first debut with Vidarunna Motukkal in the year of 1977, performing as a kid he had progressed with some real important roles. In 1989, he was first featured in the leading role of Siddeeq and Lal’s debut film Ramoji Rao Speaking opposite debutant Rekha.

After that, he was cast in lead roles in films like Sauhradam, Thudarkkatha, Khoshayathra, Anantha Mrithangam and many more. However, he had to face a tough competition in the comedy genre. Henceforth, he maintained a position in the Mollywood industry creating wonders in the supporting roles and the villain portions he played in the films. His works had earned him the Kerala State Film Awards for the film Anadabhaivarav while the award for supporting cast for Chakkara Muthu added a feather to his cap by the Asianet Film Award in the year 2006.

He has also worked dubbing for roles Aagathan and Tilakkam. Besides, Vajram, Silence, Satya are few of the many serials that he had been cast. Sai Kumar He was born on July 27, 1960 in Vijayanagaram, And >> Read More... still marks his presence in the industry playing small characters till date.


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