Sanjeev Sivan is a Malayalam film director. He was born in Kerala, India. He came from a filmmaking family; from his father, Sivan, who is also into filmmaking, his brother, Santosh, is also a film director and cameraman. He was the DOP of Sanjeev in most of his movies and Mani Ratnam's Hindi film, Dil Se. His other brother, Sangeeth, has also directed several Bollywood films including the 2006 Bollywood film, Apna Sapna Money Money. Sanjeev graduated from the New York Film School. He started his career as an Executive Producer for films like Abhayam (1991), Johny (1993), and Keshu (2009).

Sanjeev directed his debut feature film Aparichitan (The Stranger), which was released in 2004. After this, he took a long gap and returned with a bang in the year 2012. He directed Venalodungathe, which became the first regional language film that was released in North America through HBO. The film was based on a true story of an old couple, who wanted to have a child by using their dead son’s semen. However, the hospital refused to give them samples. Through the help of some doctors and lawyers, the old couple has won the case.

Prior to this, Sanjeev made a documentary of the same story entitled After Life. In 2013, it was announced that he would do the women-centric film, Arabian Safari, which stars Lakshmi Rai and Mallika in the lead roles. In 2014, the film Venalodungathe was screened at the Hidden Gems Film Festival in Calgary and was entitled as Endless Summer. During a long gap, he has completed more than 30 short films and 75 documentaries. He also has a wide production experience for Discovery Channel, Nat Geo channel, Al Jazeera, and much more.

He co-directed the 47-minute film, Underground Inferno, together with Umesh Aggarwal. The film won the Best Short Film Award in the Environmental category at the 40th International Film Festival of India. Sanjeev also helmed the Malayalam film, 15 Hours, with Mammootty in the lead role. He also directed a 30-minute documentary film titled The Achtung Baby; an Indo-Aryans story about German women, who traveled to Dhahanu to search for an intelligent blue-eyed man with a long nose and high cheekbones and hope to become pregnant with them.

Sanjeev was also involved in directing documentary movies for American Broadcast Corporation. In 2015, Sanjeev directed the EKTA (Emerging Kerala Talent Association) Film Festival and was headed by prominent personalities from the film fraternity.

Abrid Shine Malayalam Actor

Abrid Shine

Abrid Shine is a well known Indian Fashion Photographer and director, from Kerela. Photography has always been his interest, even when he was doing Bachelor of Commerce, at Thalayolaparambu a place in Kerala. He is a huge fan of cricket and an admirer of the legendry cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. He has keen interest in cricket and always keeps himself updated with anything happening related to cricket. He was doing wedding photography in Poothotta and was completing college at the same time. Once he graduated, he became more involved in Photography, and made himself professionally busy. He started working in a publication at Kochi and planned that it would be his permanent income driver. While he was working for a women’s publication, he assisted Lal Jose for an ensemble film, Kerela Cafe. Abrid expressed his deep intentions to make a film, Lal Jose differentiated him the advantages and risks he was thinking about. He mentioned his friend ‘Martin’ is his inspiration and how slowly he turned into a filmmaker, who gave ABCD. Abrid also has a son named Bhagath Abrid. He gave up his job in 2011 and created himself a space from all the distractions. He penned the script ‘1983’ from his known version for the love of cricket. The story was so much related to his life, and he could only match it with his language of cameras to express it better. When the writing part was over, it came to life with the acting of Nivin Pauly. The story is about a boy, who understands the basic of cricket when he was studying in fourth grade, and his dream progresses with the battles of life increasing by the years. The young boy’s role was played by his son. The director says with a touch of emotion that, every achiever in the sports had someone who had given up something for that person to come to that phase. He won ‘Best Debut Director’ in ‘Kerala State Awards’ and ‘SIIMA Awards’ for the movie. This year his second movie, ‘Action Hero Biju’ essayed by Nivin Pauly was released and had a good response. The flick was pushed into box office collection from the second week after it went public. After this film, he is working on scripting a college story and cast which is yet to be finalized.


Sohan Roy

Sohan Roy S K was born in Aickarakonam in the Kollam District of Kerala, India in the year 1967. He is married to Abhini Sohan, who is a costume designer. He is the father of two daughters, Nivedya and Nirmalya Sohan. Roy is a well-known film director, who was earlier a Naval Architectural Engineer and is credited for designing various projects for the naval authorities of various countries. He started his career as a Naval Architect in the Merchant Navy. He then got posted to UAE and worked for various companies as a marine surveyor. He is the founder the Aries Group of Companies and formed Aries Marine and Engineering Services under Aries Group. Now, the company has branches in over forty-three other nations like USA, Qatar, Oman, Italy, etc. Roy has held many posts and positions. He heads the Aries Group of Companies. He is the founder director of Indywood Film Carnival, Indywood Film Market, and All Lights India International Film Festival. And he is also the CEO of Marine BizTV, which is the first ever Maritime TV channel, Medi BizTV (a global medical channel), and AIMRI (Aries International Maritime Research Institute). He is the president of the Maritime Film Society and the Non-Residential Indian Producers Association. In the field of engineering, he is credited for the designing of the Safe Botel, which is an unsinkable steel boat; he is also known for being the creator of Aries Punnamada Chundan, which is the first ever steel snake boat; and also was the creative head of the ‘Topless Ship’. He is also credited for starting the Indywood project, which aims to bring wide-ranging changes in the field of screening, marketing, and production strategies and to bring change in the Indian Cinema. Roy recently announced that he is planning a project worth Rs. 75 crore for the making of the movie Burning Wells, based on the Kuwait War. The project will be completed by 2018. He is also the director of 2011 Hollywood movie, Dam 999. This movie was based on China’s Banqiao Dam Disaster of 1975, which caused the death of around 250,000 people. Other than these movies, he also directed the documentary, DAMs: The Lethal Water Bombs and the 3D movie, Saint Dracula 3D of 2012. In the Middle East, Roy has also initiated various programs like the Women Empowerment Program. The program aims to provide online training, soft skills training and on-the-job training to homemakers among others. He was one of the few business leaders, who took a major step to help Nepal and its people during the 2015 earthquake. He initiated a major project named ‘Nepal Support Fund from Employees’ to help the people of Nepal to come out of this tragedy. Other than this, he has also initiated programs for helping the people through his ‘Chennai Flood Relief Activity’ and also the ‘Desamangalam Project’.

Sohan Roy Malayalam Actor