Raksh Kannada Actor
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Raksh was born on 8th January 1992 in Bangalore, Karnataka. Raksh is a very popular actor who works in the Kannada TV and film industry. Growing up, Raksh had his heart set on acting. He has always been very enthused about acting and has shown a passion for movies. After his schooling, during the college days, Raksh starred in many theatre plays. He was always very good at them and got huge praise from his peers. Raksh got his big break in the super hit TV serial Puttagowri Maduve.

After that, his biggest role came, in the extremely successful TV serial called Gattimela. The role, Raksh played by the name of Vedhant became so popular that it has almost become his second name. Most of his fans call him Vedhant.

After years of working in the TV industry, Raksh finally made his debut on the silver screen with the action-packed Naragunda Bandaya. The movie is based on a real-life Naragunda rebellion of the 1980s where the farmers of North Karnataka lead a promising rebellion against the government which has imposed heavy duties and unjust taxes on the poor farmers. Despite the reviews of the movie, Raksh played a great role and his fans loved his performance. Raksh played a totally different role as a struggling farmer in this movie, which is far from the chocolate hero role he plays on TV.

Speaking to an interview, Raksh opened up about his career. He claims that he accidentally got into the TV industry, but it all worked well because he is finally making movies, the one thing he set out to achieve. After this movie, Raksh has more than five other projects that he is currently working on.