Madhu Sagar is a Kannada TV actor of the new generation. He got his break in the show business through television programs. The actor’s success has been very easy and quick in the television industry. The actor got the opportunity to act under major directors of the TV screen, because he is a very devoted actor who listens to what the director has to say, and tries to perfect every scene. Madhu Sagar is one such actor who did click well with two major Kannada TV serials, which were ' Nanna Jeeva Neenu Nanna Jeeva Neenu is a drama series which gets air >> Read More... Nanna Jeeva Neenu ' (ETV Kannada), and ' Karpoorada Gombe Karpoorada Gomba is a story of fate, it is a story >> Read More... Karpoorada Gombe ' (Suvarna channel). As the storyline of the serial was very progressive, his character was quite different than the character he played in other serials. In addition, he put his best foot forward to do justice to the roles. Both the serials are considered to be pertinent to any generation and he manages to impress every time, being one of the few actors in the industry who can do it.

Nowadays, TV serials give an opportunity to new heroes interested in acting to benefit from getting some roles and TV exposure. Not only do they get some top TV production banners, but are also able to snatch the viewers’ attention and even get paid higher for spending their days on the set. TV serials are the best opportunity to become ‘known actors’ in every household. Madhu Sagar has come to stay in the television industry, and his look and talent are exactly what the television producers would benefit after casting him in their productions in the future.