Arvind Rau is a well-known supporting actor in the Kannada industry. He is talented and has significant theatrical skills and considers his work as a form of meditation. He does his best while conducting plays in theatre or acting in movies. When he performs, he does it with his whole heart, and his work makes him feel satisfied.

He did his debut in a play when he was in 4th grade, and he worked in the Kannada TV series in 5th grade. He comes from a family of artists. He chose theatre as his profession, and it was never easy, as acting in our country is considered a job not to pay at all. It is not always a piece of cake to follow your passion, but he worked hard all the way to achieve heights in his career.

He considers everyone should have an inspiration in life, form him. His inspiration is his grandmother,  who lost her hand in an accident, but still, she never lost her hope and went back into acting in a successful TV series. His other inspiration is his mother, who has inspired him all his life, as she keeps smiling and always had patience no matter what.