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With no lacks in any angle creator, BK Srinivas is feeling pleased with the announcement of ' Alemari Click to look into! >> Read More... ' in over 125 playhouses. A determined creator BK Srinivas deserves a hit from 'Alemari' is the gossip of the Kannada film business. That is because of the work he has put in trusting the debut manager Sandhu alias Santosh. From the day of introduction of song Muhurat till the first copy of the flick creator BK Srinivas has methodically managed the events and kept the mass media well notified. The issue of the 'Alemari' also in a methodical way says, B. K. Srinivas.

He’s discharging in 100 plus auditoriums when the request is there for more than 250 halls. That is the frenzy shaped by the melodies and star troupe of the movie 'Yogish and Radhika Pandit' speaks Srinivas. The groupset, the dance group, portraying the ethos of Karnataka after accumulating at Kapali playhouse on Subedhar Road leave by walk to Veeresh auditorium on Magadi Road. It is the same hall where Veeresh creator BK Srinivas was receipt collector in his earlier days.

He expects Bombay outcomes, and the picture comes out very satisfactory. The censor board has given U/A credential for the flick 'Alemari' says creator Srinivas. With deficits from Mandakini, Jogaiah supply BK Srinivas has made huge investments in this picture. He has ' Bhagirathi Story soon >> Read More... ' pausing for release. Declared 'Adda' and began the song documenting for ' Dove Click to look into! >> Read More... ' Kannada picture. Debutant manager Santhu already hits the hat trick with three successive flicks with BK Srinivas. One legally correct and the other one faithful in his way! Lawfully right with credentials is creator BK Srinivas for Add a label.

Director cum creator Prem has been saying the media about this heading 'Adda' he is preparing for eight years. It is creator SA Ra Govindu observing the title going waste enrolled according to guidelines and policies. That name ‘Adda’ now given to creator BK Srinivas.Tanu Chitra assigned the title to Sri Harsha Creations on 12th of October 2011 that goes to BK Srinivas. Sa Ra Govindu Sa Ra Govindu is a Kannada film producer, presente >> Read More... listed the title on 15thof December 2010.

The Karnataka Movie Hall of Business in a letter on 26th of October has specified not only 'Adda,' but 'Ambegalu' is also in the safekeeping of Sri Harsha Creations for a time of one year. Santhu is at the concluding stage of his lettering for BK Srinivas Adda. Krishna Prasad of Ashwini Radio was present at the conference said he had obtained audio rights of BK Srinivas flick.


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Sukrutha Wagle - (Movie Actress)

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Born: 28 February 1959

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Jayamala - (Movie Actress)

Born: 28 February 1978

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Born: 28 February 1980

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Padmapriya - (Movie Actress)