Vijaya Narasimha was an Indian lyricist from Bangalore. He was born on July 12, 1927, in Halebeedu of Mandya District. People call him the greatest lyricist in the history of the Kannada Film Industry. He has given uncountable super-hit songs to the industry. The lyricist debuted in the year 1956 for the film, Ohileshwara. His first song was “Yee Dehadinda Dooranaade.” 

Vijaya Narasimha created 100s of hit songs with two of his companions, Puttana Kanagal (director) and VijayBhaskar (music director). They were called the magic trio of the Kannada Film Industry. In total, Narasimha wrote over 4000 songs. Apart from songs, he wrote three novels, Badukina Bairagi, Srimanchakrayana, and Sanjegempu. Puttana Kanagal’s biography was also written by him. His cassettes were sold in record-breaking numbers. On October 31, 2001, he died due to a cardiac arrest. His last project was with Rajkumar in the film, Odahuttidavaru. His family said in an interview that he loved writing songs. According to them, he was writing even three days before his death. People admire his work even after so many years of his death.