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Poornachandra Tejaswi Poornachandra Tejaswi was an Indian writer and nov >> Read More... Poornachandra Tejaswi is a Kannada music director who is currently based in Mysore, Karnataka. In his earlier days he was part of a band called Stone Age but now he is popularly known for his debutant work in the Kannada film Lucia. Yet he has also composed the soundtrack for other films such as Chathurbhuja in the year 2014 and more recently in the movie U Turn in the year 2016. The film Lucia is an Indian Kannada romantic psychological thriller which has been written, co-edited and directed by . The plot of the film is non-linear in nature. The real beginning of the story is the end scene of the film. There are two lead roles which run simultaneously, one being a dream sequence and the other being reality itself. These two parts are called Nikhil and Nikki respectively. Poornachandra composed the soundtrack for this film, Lucia.

He played an active part in the film not only when it came to composing the soundtrack but also went around with actor Sathish Ninasam Born with the name of Shivakumar on June 20 in Yel >> Read More... Sathish Ninasam to various colleges and events to promote and show his support for the film. His work in the film extended to more than his immediate talents which are of the musical incline. He is also seen to be appreciative of new talent. This can be seen through his involvement in the film Lucia, where he used social media as his beginning platform for music suggestions and inspiration for his work. He also sought out the help of young music lovers and asked for their help directly by making his e-mail account public for anyone interested to contact him. Debutant Poornachandra Tejaswi composed the music for the film and the soundtracks.

The background scores were also curated by him with the help of Santhosh Narayan and Monish Kumar M.K. The film in total has seven tracks and while the music was composed by Poornachandra even the lyrics were penned by him, Raghu Shastri and Yogaraj Bhat Yogaraj Bhat was born on 8th October, 1973 in Mand >> Read More... Yogaraj Bhat . Some of the songs in the movie Lucia are Thinbedakami 1, Thinbedakami 2, Jamma Jamma, Nee Thoreda Galigeyali, Helu Shiva, Yako Barlilla and Jamma Jamma Patho. Poornachandra Tejaswi was awarded best music director for the film Lucia in the Karnataka State Film Awards in the year 2013. In the 61st Filmfare Awards South, he was awarded for The Best Male Playback Singer for the track titled Thinbedakami in the picture Lucia. In the Karnataka International Music Awards he was awarded Best Background Score for the film Lucia along with Monish Kumar M.K. and Santhosh Narayanan Santhosh Narayanan was born on 15 May 1983 in Tami >> Read More... Santhosh Narayanan .